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Novascience AI

An exploration on how to make use of an Al tutor to enhance teaching and learning in higher education.

The project was a collaboration between:  

Results and impact



case studies

principle instructors

Project scope

The Novascience AI project was initiated as an exploration on how to make use of an AI tutor to augment teaching and learning in higher education. The AI tutor was tested in the fields of machine learning, statistics and programming (Python).

LITL partnered with Korbit Technologies and worked with their AI tutor Korbit in three distinct educational settings and several different contexts.

Our primary goal was to prove the use value of the tool, to optimize its implementation, draw conclusions and establish a series of best practices to develop a toolkit (materials and protocol) for training teachers to use AI to teach AI. Our secondary goal was to involve teachers, software engineers and learning specialists as participants in the development of the Korbit platform and toolkits.

Project lifecycle

This project was initiated in February 2020 and concluded in January 2023.

Key players and people

  • Yimin Nie, Instuctor, Machine Learning
  • Ana Maria Isac, CCE coordination, overseen by Sherry Blok

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  • Iulian Sherban CEO, Co-founder
  • Ansona Onyi Ching, Co-founder, Head of administration & communications
  • Nathan Burns
  • François St-Hilaire

Visit Korbit Technologies Inc. (AI tutor)

  • Laurent Ruhlmann (Programming, Python)
  • Sameer Bhatnagar (Programming, Python)
  • Rodney Acteson, Statistics
  • Joel Trudeau, Dawson lead
  • Myriam Dimanche, coordinator

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  • Shreyas Choudhary, main instructor
  • Timothy Pereira, AI Launch Lab Lead

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    • Vincent Da Costa

    • Lorraine Chiarelli
    • Shehrazade Bakarally
    • Adam Burbidge
    • Robert Cassidy, original project lead


    This project is a fascinating opportunity for us to explore how this tool, this technology can be incorporated into conventional classrooms that have a need for more cutting-edge educational resources.

    Sameer Bhatnagar, Dawson College


    This project was made possible thanks to a grant from the Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie under their Novascience grant program.

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