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Our mission

The Lab for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (LITL) is a dedicated space for developing and realizing ambitious projects for experimentation in pursuit of the highest quality education at Concordia University. LITL is also a community of innovators who explore bold ideas and inspire the future of teaching and learning in higher education.

Innovation in teaching and learning is more than technology. It’s about all the ways we can imagine improving how we experience, understand, deliver, share, explore, question, create, analyze, and apply innovation as students, professors, administrators, staff, and alumni.

The Lab is excited to work with Concordia community members who are motivated to radically change the way we find, experiment, and build new ways to approach teaching and learning inside the classroom. Through the support and engagement of external partners and by thinking outwards, we will draw ideas and solutions from shared experiences, thinking and collaboration. We are keenly focused on encouraging participation between teaching and learning innovators, partners and industry in their pursuit of innovation in teaching and learning.

The Lab’s site will serve as a repository for its projects. Visitors can learn more about completed projects and those that are underway. It’s a destination and source of inspiration for faculty, researchers and students interested in proposing new projects. Students, faculty and partners who have already collaborated with the Lab can find information on the site about related events and opportunities and consult resources and links for further exploration.

Lab manager

Remi Arora 

Remi Arora is the Manager for the Lab for Innovation in Teaching and Learning at Concordia University.  Remi has been active in Higher Education, the event logistics and technology industry, as well as the creative fields.  He brings his diverse background and his passion for exploring innovation and the intersection of education and creativity to his role as Project Manager for all LITL projects.

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Have an idea for a project that will contribute to Concordia’s culture of innovation around teaching and learning? The lab invites faculty, researchers and students to propose their projects.

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Seeking research assistants

The lab is looking for research assistants to collaborate on its upcoming projects. If you’re interested in working in a unique space dedicated to developing next-generation learning experiences, submit your application to get involved in exciting opportunities.

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