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Lab safety

For all emergencies: Police, Fire, or Medical

Emergency procedures

Contact Campus Safety and Prevention Services at:

Internal: 811
External: 514-848-3717 (Dial 1 for emergencies; Dial 2 for non-emergencies)

Campus Safety and Prevention Services will contact 911 if necessary.

Lab codes

  • Clean your workplace after each experiment;

  • Return the tools, materials etc. to its original location;

  • Use of machines/ instruments only after fully training;

  • Use of chemicals only after formal WHIMS training;

  • Report any abnormal function of machines/instruments asap;

  • Obey Laboratory Safety Regulations.

Laboratory safety regulations

Standard lab safety must be followed in all laboratories.

  1. First discuss your experiment regarding possible hazards or problems, with your professor, the engineer demonstrator, or the MIE technical staff.

  2. Do not work alone. Work with another person in a lab that has running machinery, machine tools, conveyors, hydraulics, lifting equipment, voltage hazards, or where chemicals are in use.

  3. Safety glasses must be worn in the vicinity of chemicals, pneumatics, machine tools, grinders, power saws, and drills. Users of lasers need special safety glasses for the particular wavelength of the laser.

  4. No equipment or machine may be operated by anyone unless they have received proper instruction, eg. machine tools, hydraulics, chemicals, lasers, running machinery, robots. Undergraduate students may not use any machine or equipment unless a department technical staff member or engineer lab demonstrator is present. Graduate students are the responsibility of their immediate academic supervisor.

  5. Appropriate training, such as WHMIS, Laser Safety,  must be obtained before using chemicals or compressed gasses, or laser equipment. Contact Department technical officer-Robert Oliver, phone: 514-848-2424 ext 8797, email:, for training.

  6. All appropriate safety accessories (lab coats, safety glasses, gloves, etc.) must be used when handling chemicals. No open toe shoes are permitted in laboratories.

  7. No chemicals are to be left unattended and unlabeled. All chemicals must be labeled according to WHMIS and must be stored properly.

  8. Long term unattended tests must be fail safe and information must posted as to if a hazard is present.

  9. No eating in laboratories.

  10. Major accidents and injuries must be reported at once to Campus Safety and Prevention Services tel: 811, the Safety Officer (tel: 3128), or the Professor (Supervisor). The Department Administrator (tel: 7975) should then be informed.

  11. During working hours all minor accidents should be reported to the Safety Officer (tel: 3128), the Professor (Supervisor) or the Department Administrator (tel: 7975).

  12. An "Incident Report" must be filled out by the person involved, for all accidents and injuries.

Material safety data sheet (MSDS)

MSDS's are available in the lab EV014.255. Read MSDS and labels on the chemicals before you use them. Good ventilation is required for use of all chemicals.

Lab safety documents

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