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The mission of CONCOM is to attain world class excellence in research, training and industrial development activities in composites. The emphasis is on the research and development of low-cost high- volume polymer matrix composite structures. At the same time, fundamental work in metal matrix and ceramic matrix composites is also carried out.


Work on Composite Structures and Materials at Concordia University has been going on since 1979.

  • To carry out fundamental and applied research work on the areas of polymer, metal and ceramic matrix composites.
  • To provide facilities for the training of researchers (graduate and undergraduate students) in the the area of composite structures and materials.
  • To provide assistance to companies, institutions and individuals working in composites in Canada and in other countries.

Mode of operation

The main emphasis of the Centre is research, training, industrial support and development:

To carry out fundamental and applied research work in:
  • Manufacturing of composites: filament winding, pultruding, resin transfer molding, compression molding, braiding, fabricating of three dimension composites, maintenance and repair of composite structures, etc. 
  • Design of composite structures: development of special finite elements to handle composite laminates and development of computer aided design techniques for composite structural designs.
  • Evaluation and inspection of composite structures: acoustic emission, ultrasonic, thermal imaging, etc
To develop:
  • Techniques for the characterization of materials: techniques for measuring mechanical, physical and thermal properties. 
  • New materials using different processing methods: work on polymer matrix, metal matrix and ceramic matrix composites.
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