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The Black Perspective Office (BPO) was launched in Fall 2020 and is led by our founding coordinator, Annick Maugile Flavien, within Concordia University’s Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic. The work of the BPO is informed by the generations of Black student and community activism in Montreal and at Concordia that have laid the foundation for work that addresses and challenges anti-Black systemic racism. It is this engagement that has made it possible for the pilot initiative to become its own office and we look forward to creating an office that best represents, services and is informed by the amazing and diverse Black perspectives at Concordia. 

Mission & values

The Black Perspectives Office has a mission to resource, support, connect, and advocate for Black communities, perspectives, initiatives and scholarship at Concordia University. We offer funding & mentorship. We advocate for the community. We support & create resources. We host programming. We connect networks. We champion Black Perspectives.

The Black Perspectives Office works from an anti-racist, anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive framework. We are committed to being inclusive and accessible to all and we actively aim to oppose all forms of discrimination and oppression. The BPO serves all Black students, staff and faculty at Concordia University and we make intentional effort to foster relationships with Black communities across Montreal and beyond.

Statement on Black Lives Matter

The Black Perspectives Office, located on traditional Kanien’kehá:ka Nation Territory, stands in solidarity with and will always be informed by Black communities and activists in Canada, the US and around the world who continuously fight against anti-Black interpersonal and systemic racism, violence, and oppresion. We honour and stand with the Black Lives Matter movement in the fight for freedom, liberation, and justice.

As part of a Canadian university, we are committed to examining, addressing and teaching about the systemic violence and structural inequalities that shape the Canadian university and affect its communities. We vow to center Black perspectives and knowledges in our practices of resistance and to connect the intersections of racism, colonialism, patriarchy, heteronormativity and ableism in all our work. We acknowledge that systemic racism exists within academia and commit to denouncing and addressing its injustices. As such, we also recognize the legacy of systemic racism at one of Concordia’s founding institutions, Sir George Williams University, in the late 1960s, and highlight how students have then as now been at the forefront of demanding racial justice.

In addition to the resources, services and advocacy support we offer at the Black Perspectives Office, we will be working alongside the President's Task Force on Anti-Black in the examination of the eight following areas at Concordia University, towards addressing anti-Black systemic racism and ensuring an inclusive university: Campus security and relations with external security forces, Anti-racist education and resources for the campus community, Concordia and its founding institutions’ relations with Black Communities, Curriculum and educational tools, Student Services, Faculty Development and supports, Employment initiatives, and Fundraising.

Annick Maugile Flavien

Our coordinator

Annick Maugile Flavien

Founding coordinator, Black Perspectives Office

Annick Maugile Flavien is a Black community advocate, a Black scholar, the founding coordinator of the Black Perspectives Office (BPO), and a Co-chair on the President's Task Force on Anti-Black Racism at Concordia University.

She is a three-time graduate of Concordia and has been working on campus for the last ten years where she had the opportunity to participate in and support grassroots EDI and anti-racist initiatives across campus. She now offers anti-discriminatory consultations, workshops and trainings, and is developing trainings that specifically address anti-Black racism at Concordia University.

In her creative and academic research, Annick roots herself in communications, ageing studies, migration and geography in order to explore the transmission of intergenerational knowledge and identity for Black communities in Canada with the goal of addressing Black community isolation in Canada and fostering connections across Black Canadian communities.

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