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The Black Perspectives Office (BPO) supports, resources and advocates for Black communities, perspectives, initiatives and scholarship at Concordia University. 

What drives the BPO

Mission statement

The Black Perspectives Office recognizes the realities and impacts of anti-Black racism on Black Concordians and Black communities across Montreal, Canada and the globe. With these realities in mind, our goal is to move from rhetoric to action by aligning with the Scarborough Charter on Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion in Higher Education and The President’s Task Force on Anti-Black Racism. Our core mission is the promotion of, and advocacy for: Black flourishing, institutional change, Black knowledges, and mutuality.

Vision statement

The Black Perspectives Office envisions Concordia University as an institution where Black communities are fully engaged, and feel seen, valued and heard. We continuously strive to create a culture where the diversity of Black knowledges, experiences and identities are respected and celebrated.

Support and advocacy

The BPO provides confidential support to Black Concordians who are navigating the impacts of systemic anti-Black racism, have been affected by anti-Black racial violence, and have concerns that intersect with racialization.

If you have experienced or witnessed an incident of anti-Black racism, please reach out to our office. Our team will provide intervention options, offer culturally relevant support, and provide bridging and advocacy support in engaging with other units if deemed necessary.

Email us at to share a concern or book a consultation with our office.

Contact the Black Perspectives Office

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