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Natasha Blanchet-Cohen

Associate Professor

Department: Applied Human Sciences

Faculty: Arts and Science

Natasha Blanchet-Cohen
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 3347


youth engagement, children's rights

Languages spoken:

English, French

Professional associations:


Dr. Natasha Blanchet-Cohen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences. Her research centers on community youth development with a focus on rights-based approaches to programs and services, culture, and eco-citizenship, particularly as it relates to immigrant and indigenous young people. She is interested in the opportunities and limitations for immigrant and indigenous young people in being change agents in their schools, homes, and communities, as well as the perspectives of youth in providing for rights-based and culturally-responsive services and programs. She is also interested in developmental evaluation as a way of creating space to engage young people and communities to assess their own realities and use this knowledge to inform future action. Dr. Blanchet-Cohen has a well-rounded record of publications, and has been an invited speaker nationally and internationally in the area of youth participation and citizenship, culturally-responsive ecocitizenship, developmental evaluation, and children’s rights. As an interdisciplinary and engaged scholar, her participation in national and international initiatives have contributed to building the capacity of human ecologies - including federal, provincial, and municipal polices and services, and school, family and peer groups – to positively support the quality of young peoples’ lives.

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