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Zeng, Yong
Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering
Expertise: Design creativity, design cognition, neuro-cognitive mechanism of creative design, Environment-Based Design, mental stress in design, design intelligence, affective... More
Zerges, William
Expertise: Cell and Molecular Biology, chloroplast
Zhang, Xianming
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Expertise: Organic Contaminant, Pesticide, PFAS, Flame Retardant, Persistent Organic Pollutant, Microplastic, Environmental risk, Human Exposure, Bioaccumulation, Food Web, Chemical Man... More
Zhou, Xiaowen
Mathematics and Statistics
Expertise: Probability Theory
Zhu, Wei-Ping
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Expertise: Signal Processing, Information Technology, Wireless Communication, image
Zilberstein, Anya
Expertise: History of 17th and 18th century Britain Empire, Environmental and Agricultural History, Rural History, , environment settler colonialism, political economy of food, climate, ... More
Zinegyi, Alex
Expertise: Marketing, Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations, International Marketing
Ziter, Carly
Expertise: Urban ecology; Ecosystem Services; Biodiversity; Landscape Ecology; Cities; Green Infrastructure; Climate Change
Zmeureanu, Radu
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Sustainable Development, Energy Efficiency in Building, Modeling of Energy Performance of Buildings, HVAC Systems, construction sustainability heating ventilation green
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