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Vaillancourt, Guylaine
Creative Arts Therapies
Expertise: Oncology/Palliative care, Mental Health, Guided Imagery and Music, Supervision in music therapy, Mentoring, Promotion of music therapy, Music, Music Therapy and Child de... More
Valverde, Raul
Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems
Expertise: Risk Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Systems, Consciousness, Psychology and Technology
Van Wyck, Peter
Communication Studies
Expertise: Communication theory; Atomic History; Canadian uranium history; Semiotics; Northern Studies, disaster, memory, ecological, landscape, radiation, nuclear,
Vatistas, Georgios
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Expertise: Fundamentals of Aeordynamics, Hydrodynamics and Hemodynamics, Vortex Dynamics, Flow Instabilities, Liquid Sloshing
Venkatesh, Vivek
Art Education
Expertise: Popular Culture, Hate Speech, Radicalization, Documentary filmmaking, Improvisational music, research-creation
Ventura, Theresa
Expertise: United States, Philippines, History, United States politics, United States international relations, United States elections
Visentin, Patrick
Studio Arts
Expertise: 3D Print/Rapid Prototype, Sculpture, Photography, Performance
Voiculescu, Sorin
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Expertise: reliability
Vuckovic, Dajana
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Expertise: metabolomics, biomarker discovery, bioanalysis, mass spectrometry, blood testing
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