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Taher-Kermani, Reza
Expertise: Literature and Culture of Nineteenth-Century Britain; Literature and Culture of Iran (Persia); Classical Persian Poetry; Anglo-Iranian Cultural Contacts; Poetry and Politics; ... More
Talla, Malleswara Rao
Computer Science and Software Engineering
Expertise: Data Communication Software Engineering, Operations Management, internet telecom networks
Tao, Dan
Expertise: cultural psychology, acculturation, Chinese migrants, cultural psychology, acculturation, Chinese migrants
Tardy, Francois
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Expertise: Energy efficiency Building science Energy poverty Product development Aerospace Transportation Manufacturing
Taylor, Gavin
Expertise: Native History, Native Treaties, Oka Crisis, Colonial North America, jamestown cree caledonia kahnawake kahnasatake mohawks first peoples indian
Taylor, William
Expertise: Strategic Planning and Executive Development, Aviation Management, Strategy in Advanced Technology Organizations
Thaine, Francisco
Mathematics and Statistics
Expertise: Algebra, Number Theory
Thakor, Mrugank
Expertise: Pricing, Marketing Services, Skepticism of Social Advertising, Locally Made Products
Thompson, Kelly
Studio Arts
Expertise: A nomadic life informs Kelly Thompson’s experience as an artist, academic and researcher. Her interests are in exploring notions of location and identity, travel, language, tr... More
Titorenko, Vladimir
Expertise: Mechanics of Aging and Apoptosis, Yeast Genetics
Tittler, Robert
Expertise: British History, English History, Tudors, Stuarts, English painting, English portraiture, English architecture, Elizabeth I, Henry VIII, Age of Shakespeare
Totaro, Donato
Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema
Expertise: Film History, Fear, Horror, scary movie scare fright halloween philosophy
Townsend, Craig
Geography, Planning and Environment
Expertise: Public Transportation, Urban Transportation and City Planning, parking near transit, Cities in South Asia, bangkok singapore kuala lampur bike pedestrians bicycles highways me... More
Trofimovich, Pavel
Expertise: accent, pronunciation, second language speech
Trueman, Christopher
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Expertise: Computer Electromagnetics, antennas cellular phone interference cellphone microwave engineers aircrafts shielding effectiveness wireless
Tsabary, Eldad
Expertise: Sound studies, Sound-focused aural training, Live electronic music, Laptop Orchestra, Collective improvisation, Research-creation methodologies, Transformational education, Co... More
Tsang, Adrian
Expertise: Biotechnology, Bio-fuels, Genomics, bio fuels
Turcescu, Lucian
Theological Studies
Expertise: Europe, Canada , Religion and Politics, Church-State relations
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