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Paeglis, Imants
Expertise: Family Run Businesses, Initial Public Offerings, Small Business, start ups pme ipo
Pagotto, Cathia
Expertise: Contemporary Theatre, Devised Theatre, Alternative Theatre, Collective Theatre, Visual Theatre, Experimental, performance art performing arts directing design
Paknys, Robert
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Expertise: Antennas
Palmer, Susan
Expertise: New Religious Movements, Cults, mormonism sects heaven gate osho rajnessh rael scientology raeilians moonies branch davidians nuwanbians yahweh hari khrisna hubbard falun gong
Panagiotarakou, Eleni
Political Science
Expertise: Ancient Greek Philosophy, Human Rights, Animal Rights, Space Exploration
Panet-Raymond, Silvy
Contemporary Dance
Expertise: Choreography and Performance, dance
Papatheodorakos, Nick
School of Extended Learning
Expertise: Commercial and Business Law, Law and Marketing, Bill 101
Paquet, Mireille
Political Science
Expertise: Immigration, Integration, Interculturalism, Canadian politics, Québec Politics, Provincial Politics, Public Policy, Public Administration.
Pariser, David
Art Education
Expertise: Multicultural Art Education, Art Education For Children, The Development of Great Artists, Childhood Works of Great Artists
Patterson, Zachary
Geography, Planning and Environment
Expertise: transportation, transportation and land-use, public transportation, sustainable transportation, transportation planning
Paulin, Michele
Expertise: Strategic relationship marketing, social media, millennials and their prosocial behaviors on social media, social and ecological movements and relation to marketing/management... More
Pawelek, Peter
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Expertise: Chemistry, Biochemistry
Pearce, Brent
Expertise: Strategic Planning, Customer Service, Brand Images, Lifetime Value, Direct Response Marketing, Time Management, Branding, Supply Chain Management, informercials productivity b... More
Pekau, Oscar
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Earthquake Resistance, Seismic Behaviour, Earthquake Technology
Peltier-Rivest, Dominic
Expertise: Corruption Fraud Prevention and Detection Forensic Accounting, Earnings Manipulations White Collar Crime
Peluso, Maria
Political Science
Expertise: Multiculturalism, Discrimination/Racism, Pay Employment Equity, Status of Women, Poverty/Welfare, Human Rights, woman
Penhune, Virginia
Expertise: Human Motor Skill Learning, Developmental Differences, Expertise, Learning in Music, adults children behavioral performance brain regions
Penny, William
Expertise: Gender Studies, Adult Education, Teacher Preparation, Education, childhood elementary literacy illiteracy teaching school classroom learning adults woman women
Pepin, Veronique
Exercise Science
Expertise: Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Clinical Exercise Physiology, Clinical Exercise Testing, Cardiac Rehabilitation, research
Perrakis, Stylianos
Expertise: Financial Derivatives, Competition Policy, Investments, Microeconomics,, stocks interest rates exchange
Petrov, Gabriela
Expertise: Somatics, Movement, Viewpoints, Contemplative Approaches to Performance Creation, Body-Mind Centering
Phillips, Natalie
Expertise: Neuropsychology, Alzheimer's Disease, Semantic Memory, brain thinking adults senior aging senility senile dementia cognition forgetting elderly language function working
Piccirilli, Nicolangelo
Expertise: software engineering, software architecture, agile methodologies (e.g. Scrum and Kanban), business supply chain management, technology management, operational efficiency
Pigeon, Elaine
School of Extended Learning
Expertise: 19th Century American Literature, Gender and Sexuality in American Literature, henry james
Podmore, Julie
Geography, Planning and Environment
Expertise: LGBTQ communities, Gay village, LGBTQ neighbourhoods, lesbian history sexuality and the city
Poirier, Maben
Political Science
Expertise: Philosophy of Science and Social Science, History of Political Theory, Democracy, Foreign Affairs, governance modernity pollanier scientific ideology plato relativism
Poteete, Amy
Political Science
Expertise: Natural Resource Management, Decentralization, Botswana, African Politics, diamonds mineral extraction africa
Potvin, Francine
Studio Arts
Expertise: Ceramics
Potvin, John
Art History
Expertise: Fashion studies Design studies Interior design Body studies Masculinity studies Queer theory Gender and sexuality
Poulin-Dubois, Diane
Expertise: Language Development in Children (bilingualism) , Cognitive Development (theory of mind, selective social learning, categorization, Social Cognition), psychology infants categ... More
Poutanen, Mary Anne
Expertise: History of Quebec, Protestant Schools in Quebec, Women's History in Montreal (Including Prostitution and Taverns), bars pubs sex woman
Probst, David
Computer Science and Software Engineering
Expertise: Computer Viruses and Security
Pucan, Bimadoshka
School of Community and Public Affairs
Expertise: First Peoples History and Contemporary Issues, Cultural Intellectual Property Rights (CIPR), Oral Histories, Oral Tradition
Pugh, Martin
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Expertise: Properties and Processing of Engineering Materials: Ceramics, Plastics, Composites, Metals, Joining Processes - Brazing, Welding, Failure of Materials
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