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O Hallmhurain, Gearoid
Canadian Irish Studies
Expertise: Contemporary Ireland (social, cultural, political, economic, diaspora) Irish history (1916, Independence, role of Catholic church) Montreal / Quebec / Canada: Irish experien... More
O'Donnell, Lorraine
Continuing Education
Expertise: Quebec's English-speaking communities, anglophones
O'Leary, Sara
Expertise: Writing for children/picture books
Oades, Lorraine
Studio Arts
Expertise: visual arts/interactive media/ immersive media/sculpture/community based art practices/ curatorial practices
Olszanowski, Meghan
Communication Studies
Expertise: feminist media studies, social media
Oppenheim, Michael
Expertise: Judaism, Philosophy of Religion, Psychology of Comparative Religions, creationism ideologies ideology kaballah israel secular zionism holocaust genocide
Oppenheimer, Robert
Expertise: Conflict Resolution, Employee Training / Motivation / Evaluation, Entrepreneurship in First Nations communities, mohawk aboriginal native workplace
Orr, Leslie
Expertise: India, South Indian Religions, Women and Religion in India, jainism buddism temple rituals hinduism
Ortiz Apuy, Juan
Studio Arts
Expertise: sculpture, installation, material culture, contemporary art, consumerism, commodity fetishism, globalization, desire, juxtaposition, collage, found objects, humour and parody,... More
Osana, Helena
Expertise: Reasoning, Mathematical and Scientific Thinking
Otchere, Dan
Expertise: Banking Technology, Credit and Debit Cards, banks visa mastercard atm security laurentian cibc mbo td
Ouf, Mohamed
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Smart Buildings, Energy Efficiency, Artificial Intelligence for Buildings, Human-Building Interactions, Healthy Buildings, Indoor Environmental Quality, Occupant Comfort, Smar... More
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