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Mackenzie, Catherine
Art History
Expertise: Looted Art, Art Restitution
Maclean, Roger
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: International Development, Agriculture Technology Transfer,, africa bangladesh mali bank developing third ivory coast
Magnan, Michel
Expertise: Mergers and Acquisitions, Executive Compensation, Ethics, Analysis of Public Firms, Environmental Reporting, Governance, bonus income salary
Mailhot, Melina
Mathematics and Statistics
Expertise: Statistics Dependence models Actuarial Mathematics, risk theory
Maiti, Saurabh
Expertise: Collective modes, Superconductors, Spin-waves, Spintronics, Quantum physics, strong correlations, low dimensional systems
Majewski, Marek
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Expertise: Solar energy conversion, artificial photosynthesis, inorganic chemistry
Malenfant, Jayne
Expertise: Youth homelessness prevention in schools; youth-led housing justice, youth, school-based intervention, homelessness, housing, policy, prevention, institutional ethnography, an... More
Mangen, Claudine
Expertise: CEO Pay, Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting, salary salaries
Mann-Feder, Varda
Applied Human Sciences
Expertise: Child Welfare, Youth in Care, Foster Care Youth Workers, Care of the Elderly,, residential treatment aging senior children young
Mannan, Mohammad
Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering
Expertise: Passwords, Privacy, Data breach, Social Networking, Security, Phishing, Android/Mobile Security, Identity Fraud, Online banking , cybercrime internet computer network
Manning, Kimberley
Political Science
Expertise: China, Women and Gender Politics, Human Rights, NGOs, Civil Rights, State-Society Relationship, 2008 Olympics, non governmental organizations chretien canada reforms beijing ... More
Marcotte, Sophie
Études françaises
Expertise: Contemporary Quebec Literature ; Gabrielle Roy ; digital humanities ; electronic edition ; the influence of technology on contemporary literature
Marier, Patrik
Political Science
Expertise: Comparative Public Policy, Welfare State, Retirement, Pensions, European Politics, Tax Policies, European Union, Social Policies, government
Marrelli, Nancy
Expertise: Publishing, Archives, Jazz History, Preservation of Audio-Visual Materials, Montreal History, av documents documentation
Martel, Claude
Expertise: Distance Education, Online Learning, Public Relations, Airport Management, Airport Communications and Public Relations, Aviation Crisis Management, Management Programs, Admini... More
Martin, Jane
Expertise: Franco-American culture. Franco-American literature. Fiction. Creative writing. Editing. Technical writing. Professional writing.
Martin, Vincent
Expertise: Metabolic Engineering, Synthetic Biology, Food Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Bioenergy, Biomass, Genomics, microbiology plant natural products biodiesel fuel fermentation
Martin-Chang, Sandra
Expertise: Reading Development in Children, Story Book Reading, Fluency, Remediation,, teacher parent parents context isolation stories
Martini, Dominic
Expertise: Teacher Training and Certification, Quebec Curriculum for Elementary and Secondary, Quebec Education Act, government regulation school
Matthews, H. Damon
Geography, Planning and Environment
Expertise: Climate Change, Global Climate Modelling, Kyoto, Green House Gas Emmissions, el nino warming environmental deforestation sustainability carbon dioxide
Matthews, Kyle
Expertise: International Affairs, the United Nations, Humanitarian Affairs, Refugee Issues, Politics of Conflict in Georgia and the Southern Caucasus, global crisis war energy human righ... More
Mayer, Jean-Francois
Political Science
Expertise: 20th Century Latin American and Cuban Politics, U.S. and Canadian Relations to Latin America - Cuba, pinochet argentina mercosur chilean mexico sandinista oas ftaa democracy b... More
Mccormick, Ted
Expertise: Early modern history (1500-1800); Britain; Ireland; British empire; history of science; history of social science; science and religion; politics and religion; population
Mcdonagh, Patrick
Expertise: Cultural History, Intellectual Disabilities, idiocy down syndrome rainman autism
Mcdonnell, Margaret
Expertise: Teacher education, professional writing, academic writing, assessment, evaluation, teaching in post-secondary, Cegep system
Mcgaughey, Jane
Canadian Irish Studies
Expertise: The Irish in Canada; Irish Diaspora; Histories of Ireland and Canada; Migration Studies; Histories of Violence and Sexualities
Mcgregor, Fred
Expertise: Management, Business Psychology, Human Resources, organizations prioritization hiring criteria resource succession hr
Mckelvey, Fenwick
Communication Studies
Expertise: Internet policy and governance Social media, Internet and politics Digital culture particularly piracy and hacking
Mclarnon, Mitchell
Expertise: environment; education; adult education; community development; gentrification; food security; institutional ethnography; urban political ecology; participatory visual methods... More
Mcleod, Katherine
Expertise: Writing in Canada, poetry, performance, and literary events.
Mcsheffrey, Shannon
Expertise: Medieval Studies
Medraj, Mamoun
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Expertise: Metallic Materials, Light Metals, Thermodynamics of Materials, Failure Analysis, Manufacturing Processes of Metals and Plastics, Thermodynamic Modelling of Phase Equilibria
Melzer, Zachi
Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema
Expertise: urban screens, urban media infrastructures, public media art
Mendell, Marguerite
Arts and Science Administration
Expertise: Public Finance and Policy, Federal Budget, Social/Economic Policies, Community Economic Development
Merhi, Hussein
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: Education, Statistics, Teaching in Quebec, School Boards, International Students, principal elementary curriculum emsb secondary cegep
Merkel, Clemens
Expertise: Music, violin, contemporary music, experimental music, creation, Non Profit Organziation, arts administration,
Milkias, Paulos
Political Science
Expertise: Arab-Israeli Conflict and Conflict in Africa south of the Sahara., middle east ethipia eritria
Miller, Elizabeth
Communication Studies
Expertise: Video advocacy, community media, gender and communication, electronic art, documentary, video art, youth media, Latin American film, food politics, water privatization, migrat... More
Miller, Sydney
Expertise: Stress Management/Relaxation, Road Rage
Mirhoseini, Mahdi
Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems
Expertise: Human-Computer Interaction, Fake News, NeuroIS, Design Science
Moldovan, Rucsandra
Expertise: financial accounting, financial reporting, corporate accounting disclosure, corporate communication, investor relations, segment reporting, multi-segment companies, IFRS, IFRS... More
Molz, Rick
Expertise: Corporate Response to Public Policy, Privatization of Government Enterprises, Global Competition, kyoto
Mongerson, Eric
Expertise: Technical Production, Stage Lighting
Montanaro, Michael
Contemporary Dance
Expertise: Choreography, Performance, Interactive Media, Responsive Environments, Film
Moore, James
Political Science
Expertise: Political Philosophy
Moran, Owen
Health Services
Expertise: Nutrition, physical activity, safer sex, stress management, body image, setting and achieving health goals
Morden, Peter
Applied Human Sciences
Expertise: Social-psychology of leisure, Adolescent Development, Gentrification, Quality of life, Community Development, Unemployment, Leadership, satisfaction social cohesion population... More
Morelli, Francois
Studio Arts
Expertise: Funding of the Arts, Sculpture
Moselhi, Osama
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, robot ai
Moses, Omri
Expertise: Early 20th Century American and Modernist Literature, neurohumanities, neuroscience and literature, Henry James, T. S. Eliot, Gertrude Stein,
Moubayed, Anna-Maria
Art History
Expertise: Romanesque, architecture, medieval, sculpture, art history, Eve, women issues, cross-cultural exchange, Islamic and Christian architecture, spolia, theology, semiotics, digita... More
Mroz, Stan
Expertise: Financial Accounting
Muchall, Heidi
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Expertise: Organic Chemistry
Mudur, Sudhir
Computer Science and Software Engineering
Expertise: 3D Graphics, Computer Animation, VR/AR, Deep Learning
Mulligan, Catherine
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Soil and Water Treatment and Decontamination, Climate Change, global warming lakes surface contaminates waste massawippi algae methane carbon dioxide toxic environmental green... More
Mulrennan, Monica
Geography, Planning and Environment
Expertise: Indigenous Conservation Governance, Protected Areas, Community-based Research
Mumby, David
Expertise: Neurobiology, Memory, Object Recognition, Spatial Memory, Social Learning
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