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Lacasse, Michael A.
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Environment, Climate, Climate Modelling, Climate change mitigation, Sustainability, Materials, Materials technology, Polymers, Technology, Civil engineering, Simulation & Nume... More
Lachapelle, Guy
Political Science
Expertise: Québec-Canada Politics
Lachapelle, Richard
Art Education
Expertise: Aesthetic Response to Art, Controversies Regarding Public Artwork, sculptures gardens value parks
Lafrance, Marc
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: Gender, Sexuality, Men and Masculinity, Body Image and Body Modification, Popular Culture, Mainstream Media
Lamensch, Marie
Political Science
Expertise: Genocide, mass atrocity crimes, foreign affairs, Great Lakes Region, conflict, peace, extremism, social media, radicalization, conflict prevention
Lamoureux, Guillaume
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Expertise: Computational Chemistry (Computer simulation of non-pharmaceutical chemical reactions on the human body), Chemical Reaction in Our Bodies
Lander, Moshe
Expertise: Moshe Lander has appeared across Canadian media on a wide variety of economics, business, politics and policy related topics. He is widely respected for his entertaining and e... More
Langlois-Bertrand, Simon
Political Science
Expertise: Energy policy; environmental policy; U.S. politics; International relations; global politics; sustainable development; research methods;
Lanthier, Normand
Environmental Health and Safety Office
Expertise: Environmental Health and Safety, Student Safety, Fire Safety, hygiene hazardous injuries emergency emergencies ergonomics noise asbestos air environment security
Lapidus, Steven
Expertise: Judaism in Montreal, jewish history orthodox hassidic torah jewry zionism
Laroche, Michel
Expertise: Brand Management and Loyalty, Consumer Behaviour, Influence of culture on consumer behaviour, Advertising, campaigns marketing trends mexico
Laurence, Jean-Roch
Expertise: False Memories, Hypnosis and Suggestibility, Memory Creation, Eye Witness Accounts, Forensic Psychology, testimony hypnotize hypnotist hypnotic traumatic hypnotherapy hypnotis... More
Lawton, Leslie
Expertise: Womens Hockey, Women in Sports, athletics sexism gender woman female ladies athletes
Lebel, Jordan
Expertise: Marketing, Consumer psychology, Pleasure-oriented Advertising, Food Marketing and Strategy, Foodservice and restaurant industry, Obesity, Food and Health, Communications strat... More
Leclerc, Josee
Creative Arts Therapies
Expertise: Art Therapy Art and Trauma Art of the Holocaust Art and Psychoanalysis Ethics of Empathic Reception
Leconte, Marie
Études françaises
Expertise: Translation, literary translation, Anglo-Québécois literature, sociology of translation, cultural translation, traduction, traduction littéraire, littérature anglo-québécoise,... More
Lee, Bruno
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Building Energy Performance Assessment, Green Building Design, Energy Efficiency, Robust Building Performance, Sustainability in Architecture, Renewable Energy, Net-zero, Carb... More
Lee, Joonhee
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Noise Control, Architectural Acoustics, Building Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Noise Annoyance
Lefebvre, Martin
Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema
Expertise: Visual Semiotics, Film History and Theory, Philosophy of Art, Quebec Cinema, languages signs images communications movie
Leger, Benoit
Études françaises
Expertise: Translation, History of Translation in France, French Literature from the 18th century, Voltaire, Desfontaines, Histoire de la traduction
Lehrer, Erica
Expertise: Post-Holocaust Jewry, Memory/Heritage, Ethnography, Public Scholarship, poland israel united states jewish rwanda
Lequin, Lucie
Études françaises
Expertise: Multiculturalism, Canadian/Quebec Culture, Literature in Quebec and France, Francophone Women Writers, Multicultural Literature, authors canada
Lerner, Loren Ruth
Art History
Expertise: 19th European Art, Canadian Women Artists, Representation of Children in Art, Holocaust and Art, curation curate cinema realism impressionism cubism fauvism expressionism futu... More
Leroux, Alain
Exercise Science
Expertise: Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation Programs, Rehabilitation of Stroke Victims, Physiotherapy, rehab exercise science elderly cva physical therapy injury
Leroux, Patrick
Expertise: Circus, Cirque du Soleil, Quebec and English Canadian Drama, Contemporary European Drama, Creative Writing, Quebec Theatre, Quebecois Literature
Lesnikowski, Alexandra
Geography, Planning and Environment
Expertise: climate change, adaptation, resilience, climate change impacts and vulnerability, scientific assessment, IPCC, UNFCCC
Lessard, Jean-Philippe
Expertise: ecology, evolution, biodiversity, biogeography, climate change, insects, entomology, biological invasions, conservation
Lessard, Jonathan
Design and Computation Arts
Expertise: Game design, Game history, Game Studies, 3D modelling and rendering, video games, conversation dialogue narrative interaction adventure
Lewis, Jason
Design and Computation Arts
Expertise: Digital Motion Typography, Visual Language, New Media Theory and History, Art and Technology Research Collaboration, User-Interface Design, Indigenous Media, Indigenous Futur... More
Li, Karen
Expertise: Cognition and Aging, Multi-Tasking, old age memory mobility balance brain training hearing loss
Li, Ming
Expertise: Applied Game Theory, Industrial Organization, Political Economy Productivity, incentives compensation
Liang, Yunping
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Infrastructure Investment, Sustainability, Finance and Economics, Data, Policy, Social Equity
Liang, Zhixiang
Expertise: Emerging markets, Business Group, International Strategy, Comparative governance
Lipson, Michael
Political Science
Expertise: International Organizations, Security Issues, Non-proliferation, nato iaea iran iraq united nations arms inspection weapons destruction afganistan war terror terrorism
Liscouet-Hanke, Susan
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Expertise: aircraft design, aerospace industry
Lkhagvasuren, Damba
Expertise: Macroeconomics, Labour Economics, Applied Econometrics, Computational Economics , economy workforce labor
Loader, Alison R.
Design and Computation Arts
Expertise: 3D Animation
Locke, Joanne
Expertise: Prison Libraries, Inmate Education, jail prisoner
Lofranco, John
Expertise: Running, track and field, cross-country, Olympic sports, marathons, Composition, Creative Writing, English as a Second Language,
Lonergan, Meg
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: obscenity; criminal law; cultural criminology; pornography; freedom of expression; law and technology; sex crimes; sexual assault; horror studies; horror film
Lopes, Luiz Antonio C.
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Expertise: Power Electronics, Distributed Power Generation, Renewable Energy Systems, Wind Power, photovoltaic pv electricity hydro
Lowenfeld, George
Expertise: Taxation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Venture Capital
Lowi, Emanuel
School of Community and Public Affairs
Expertise: Indigenous, First Nations, Inuit, Cree, First Peoples, Aboriginal, Quebec, Human Rights, Middle East, Arab-Israeli conflict, Palestine, Palestinians, Journalism, Canadian medi... More
Lu, Yang
Mathematics and Statistics
Expertise: Finance, Insurance
Luna Barahona, Marco
Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema
Expertise: Virtual Reality, Cinema
Lynch, Shaun
Expertise: Fundraising, Marketing in the Arts, Managing Volunteers, Non-Profit Organisations, funding hospitals museum promotion sponsors sponsorship ngo
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