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Kachroo, Aashiq Hussain
Expertise: Synthetic Biology, Systems Genetics, Genome Engineering, Humanized Yeast, Orthology-Function, Evolution.
Kairouz, Sylvia
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: Addictive Behaviour, Drugs, Anti-Smoking Legislation, Determinants of Addiction in Youth and Adult Populations, statistics gambling crack crystal meth cocaine cigarettes smoke... More
Kalman, Calvin
Expertise: Science and Engineering Education; CEGEP and university teaching; Reflective Writing; Critical Thinking; Conceptual change; Cognitive dissonance; Epistemological beliefs... More
Kalvin, Victor
Mathematics and Statistics
Expertise: Geometric Analysis, Analysis on Non-compact and Singular Manifolds, Partial Differential Equations, Pseudo-differential Operators. These include Boundary Value Problems, Sp... More
Kass, Raye
Applied Human Sciences
Expertise: Group Dynamics/Leadership, Space Simulation Missions, behaviour team work astronaut training isolation chile miner mars
Katsanis, Lea
Expertise: Pharmaceutical Industry, Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Fashion Marketing, Consumer Behavior
Kaufman, Barry
Expertise: Production and Operations Management, Procurement, Logistics, Supply-Chain Management
Kaushal, Ashok
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Expertise: Vibrations in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Design, Truck and Aircraft Safety, seat airplane flight
Keller, Juliana Espana
Studio Arts
Expertise: Sound and Performance Art, Video, Installation, Sculpture, Painting and Drawing. Interdisciplinary & Transdisciplinary Practice
Kelley, Patrick
JMSB Administration
Expertise: Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Strategy and Strategy Implementation, Joint Ventures and Their Operations and Governance, Brewing Industry, takeover
Kenneally, Michael
Expertise: Contemporary Ireland (Social, Cultural, Political, Economic) Irish Literary Figures, History of Irish in Montreal and Canada, Contemporary Montreal Irish Community, saint st p... More
Khalili-Mahani, Najmeh
Design and Computation Arts
Expertise: Digital health/ Aging / Stress/ Pain/ Neuroimaging/ Media Studies
Kherif, Nadia
Media Relations
Expertise: Algeria, Arabic Culture, Islam and Women Cultural Communities, Images of Culture in Media,, immigration
Killinger, Christine
School of Extended Learning
Expertise: Tourism, Development of Cree Tourism, Career Placement for Young Adults (Cree), Disaster Assistance and Tourism, travel agency tourist leisure native peoples
King, Edward
Political Science
Expertise: Religious Theory, How Specific Works Relate to Different Authors, bible biblical religions dante machiavelli pragmatism pragmatic politics
Kissock, Madelyn
Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics
Expertise: Theoretical Linguistics (Syntax, Phonology, Acquisition), Dravidian Linguistics (Telugu)
Kos, Gregor
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Expertise: Experienced environmental analytical chemist. Wide range of expertise in model development and multivariate data analysis with a focus on mass spectrometry and infrared spectr... More
Kosseim, Leila
Computer Science and Software Engineering
Expertise: Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Text Mining
Kouri-Towe, Natalie
Simone de Beauvoir Institute
Expertise: gender, sexuality, feminism, masculinity, social movements, activism, war, Middle East, refugees
Kryzanowski, Lawrence
Expertise: Debt Policy, Financial Planning, Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions, Organizational Behaviour / Effectiveness / Change, White Collar Crime, Electrical Service Fees, takeove... More
Kuczewski, Carmen
Expertise: Financial Management Planning and Consulting, International Business Projects, Business Coaching, entrepreneurial small
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