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Jacob, Wilson Chacko
Expertise: Middle Eastern History (19th and Early 20th Century, WWII), Egypt, naser suez canal british africa colonialism east egyptian iran iraq israel jordan kuwait lebanon palestine s... More
Jacobson, Larry
Expertise: Canadian Taxation, International Taxation, Taxation of Financial Transactions, Off Shore Accounts, options tax haven income
Jaeger, Jochen
Geography, Planning and Environment
Expertise: Urban Sprawl, Population Viability, Impact of Road Infrastructure on Ecology, Environmental Impact Assessment, sustainability city metropolitan
Jaffary, Nora
Expertise: Mexican History -- especially colonial era, history of gender, religion in the colonial period; child-birth and birth control., mexico inquisition crime infanticide abortion
Jain, Arvind
Expertise: Public Finance and Policy, Currency Crisis, Fraud/Corruption, White Collar Crime, Exchange Rates, Finance, International Banking, International Finance, Economic Development, ... More
Jamal, Muhammad
Expertise: Shiftwork, Job Stress, Burnout, Moonlighting, Employee Well-Being, workers health night workplace
Jamieson, Christine
Theological Studies
Expertise: Indigenous Spirituality, Ethics, Social and Medical Ethics, Violence Against Women, Stem Cell Research, Genetic technology, genetics, technology, human fertility, invitro fert... More
Jaumard, Brigitte
Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering
Expertise: Optimization of Communication Networks, network internet providers servers
Jeancolas, Laetitia
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Expertise: Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, early detection, signal processing, machine learning, speech analysis, neuroimaging
Jebali, Adel
Études françaises
Expertise: French as a second language, language acquisition, clitics
Jeffrey, Brooke
Political Science
Expertise: Canadian Politics, Western Politics, Federal Elections, Liberal Party, fiscal imbalance quebec nation government leadership charlottetown accord canada mulroney trudeau parti ... More
Jiwani, Yasmin
Communication Studies
Expertise: Violence against women; Representations of Indigenous and Muslim women and youth in the media; virtual graveyards; racism; sexism
Johns, Gary
Expertise: Absenteeism, Job Design and Profile, Organizational Behaviour/Effectiveness/Change, Job Stress, Burnout, Management, health workplace
Johnson, Aaron
Expertise: People's Perception of the Natural World, Sights and Sounds, Psychology, Neuroscience, Image Analysis, Electrical Engineering, Computational Modeling of the Brain, Visual Diso... More
Joseph, Norma
Expertise: Women in Religion, Judaism, Jewish Divorce, goddess pagan jew torah hebrew feminist feminism ethics orthodox get
Joshi, Suraj
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Expertise: mechanical engineering, stress analysis, fracture, fatigue, welding
Jourdan, Christine
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: Food, Language and Identity, Learning, Pacific Island Culture, anthropology
Joyce, Paul
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Expertise: Biotechnology, Proteins, Plant Biology
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