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Haber, Mark
Expertise: CASE Competition Preparation and Presentation, Business Analysis, plan
Habib, Henri
Political Science
Expertise: Middle East and International Politics, lebanon lebanese iraq iran arab terror terrorism islamic
Haghighat, Fariborz
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Dr. Haghighat's current research focuses on the fundamental of heat and mass transport and its applications in in building and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC... More
Halbwidl, Dieter
Expertise: Comparative History of Psychology, 19th Century Mental Disorders, medical doctors nurses health care
Hallett, Michael
Expertise: computational biology, bioinformatics, machine learning, cancer, probabilistic models
Hamalian, Arpi
Expertise: Educational Studies and Policy, Women's Studies, Education for Sustainable Development, Education and International Development, Universities, women gender human rights water ... More
Hamouda, Walaa
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Expertise: Digital communications; Wireless Networks, Cognitive Radios, Multiple Antenna Systems, IoT and Machine-to-Machine Communications, mm-wave Communications, Physical Layer Securi... More
Hanna, Adel
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Foundations, Soil/Structure Interaction, Structural Engineering, Dams, Building Foundations on Difficult and/or Contaminated Soils, hydro buildings
Harnad, John P
Mathematics and Statistics
Expertise: Mathematical Physics, Group Theory, Differential Geometry, Gauge Theory
Harutyunyan, Hovhannes
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Building Ventilation, Energy Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, environmental hydro sustainable sustainability efficiency
Hashtrudi Zad, Shahin
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Expertise: Control Systems, Fault Diagnosis and Recovery
Hays, Matthew
Expertise: Gay Rights, Documentary Cinema, Alternative Media, filmmaking homosexual lesbian documentaries internet blogs
Hebblethwaite, Shannon
Applied Human Sciences
Expertise: Grandparenting, Family Leisure, Intergenerational Relations, Therapeutic Recreation, Mental Health, Aging
Hecht, Tracy
Expertise: Organizational Behaviour, Human Resources Management, Work-Life Balance, individual employees hr stress sabbatical
Henle, Steve
Applied Human Sciences
Expertise: Playground Safety, Leisure, children parks
Henri, Diane
Expertise: Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Corporate Planning, Security Exchanges, cost
Herbison, Philip
Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema
Expertise: Cinematography/Videography, Film Production
Hernandez Ramirez, Alejandro
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: Migration, Immigrant Integration, Race/Ethnicity, Identities, Youth, Latin America, Mexico
Hernandez-Gonzalez, Teresa
Expertise: Gamification, Teacher Education
Hetherington, Craig
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: Latin America Politics Agriculture Rural Politics Indigenous Politics Environmental Politics Food (Global Food Systems) Infrastructure and Environment International De... More
High, Steven
Expertise: Urban and economic history, populism, Trump, Labour History, Montreal, Forced Migration.
Hilgers, Bettina
Political Science
Expertise: security; violence; poverty; informal politics; patronage and clientelism; Latin America; Caribbean; Brazil; Jamaica; Mexico
Hlobil, Ulf
Expertise: philosophy of mind, reasoning, epistemology, logic
Hoa, Van Suong
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Expertise: Aerospace Materials, Mechanical Stress Analysis, Composite Materials and Structures, Dynamics, Finite Element Method, Stress Analysis, Vibration, structure design
Holt, Cimminnee
Expertise: Modern religious Satanism, Religion and Popular Culture, Magic, Witchcraft, New Religious Movements
Homel, David
Études françaises
Expertise: Translation from French to English, Novels - from ages 7 to 11, Documentary Film Writing (English and French)
Hoodfar, Homay
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: Women in Muslim Society, Refugees, feminism islamic sharia afghantistan iran pakistan hijab middle east burqa burkha burka burqua taliban koran
Horn, Simon
Expertise: railways, Bermuda
Horst, Mary
Expertise: Training Teachers in ESL, Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition, Pedagogy, words lexicon linguistics education learning tesl
Howe, Nina
Expertise: Early Childhood Education, Child Development, Family Parent-Child Relationships, siblings primary garderie daycare enfance teaching parenting public vs private school
Howes, John
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: Law and society; Culture and the constitution; Body and society; Senses and society; Sensory perception; Art and society; Medicine and society; Alternative medicine and societ... More
Hsu, Hsuan L.
Expertise: transnational American studies politics and culture of olfaction Asian American/Asian diaspora olfactory art
Huang, Xiao
Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems
Expertise: Supply Chain Management, Pricing and Revenue Management, Competition and Cooperation, Data-Driven Decision Making
Huelsemeyer, Axel
Political Science
Expertise: European Union, International Political Economy - focus on global and regional integration in trade and finance
Hughes, Leslie
Studio Arts
Expertise: approaches university industry collaboration pedagogy research projets, interactive art, new media art, art and new technology, intuitive game controller technology In p... More
Hyndman, Cody
Mathematics and Statistics
Expertise: Mathematical and Computational Finance, Financial Engineering, Quantitative Finance; Risk Management, High Frequency Trading, Algorithmic Trading, Probability, Statistics, o... More
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