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Gabriele, Sandra
Communication Studies
Expertise: future of teaching future of higher education future of journalism journalism history Sunday newspapers
Gagne, Andre
Theological Studies
Expertise: Religion and Politics, Christian Fundamentalism, Religious Violence, the Religious Right, Political Theology, Interpretation of the Bible, Reception of the Bible
Gallo, Laura
Multi-Faith Chaplaincy
Expertise: Interfaith, Religion, Faith, Spirituality, Drumming, Drum Circles, multi faith multi cultural inter religious
Gamache, Ethel
Expertise: Lifelong learning
Gamberi, Chiara
Expertise: RNA biology, gene expression, Drosophila, fruit fly, model organisms, comparative physiology, mRNA
Ganesan, Rajamohan
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Expertise: Materials, Metals, Alloys and Composites, steel copper nickel silver iron
Gani, Ferawati
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Civil Engineering
Garrido, Jose
Mathematics and Statistics
Expertise: Risk Theory, Financial Mathematics, Pension Plans/Funds, Statistical Analysis, Mathematics, Statistics, Insurance Statistics, Lottery Probabilities, probability stats predicti... More
Gauthier, Pierre
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Expertise: Combustion, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Pollutant formation, Gas Turbines
Gauvreau, Danielle
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: Demography, History of Population, history of Quebec population, fertility, baby boom, French Canadian emigration to the US (1850-1930)
Gavin, James
Applied Human Sciences
Expertise: Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Psychological Benefits of Sports and Physical Activity, sport psychology exercise
Gedeon, Charles
Centre for Engineering in Society
Expertise: Creativity, design thinking, design, critical thinking, education, curriculum design, user experience design, news, fact checking, social media, technology, internet, misinfor... More
Ghaly, Wahid
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Expertise: Aerodynamics
Giannopoulos, Constantina
Expertise: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, therapist counseling
Gill, Paul
ENCS Administration
Expertise: Academic Information Technology Services
Gluck, Yael
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: Personal Therapy, Gender, Sexuality, Abuse, Life-Coaching, Family, Work, Transgender, Inter-Personal Relations, Power, Negotiations, therapist gay lesbian happiness confidence... More
Godoy Rosas, Pablo
Expertise: Animal Science -Microbial Genetics -Host-Pathogen Interactions, Cell molecular Biology, Biotechnology
Goldstein, Erin Shauna
Applied Human Sciences
Expertise: Health, Wellness, Physical Education
Gomme, Paul
Expertise: Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy
Gopakumar, Govind
Centre for Engineering in Society
Expertise: Developing Countries, India, politics, Cities, Automobility, Urban infrastructure, Global Engineering, Technology & Society
Gouw, Gerard
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Expertise: Ergonomic Design, posture comfortable
Goyal, Suresh
Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems
Expertise: Supply-Chain Management, Personal Finance, Cost Cutting, customer walmart short term borrowing wealth rrsp loblaws loans
Graham, Peter
School of Community and Public Affairs
Expertise: Sustainable development, naturalized gardens, non-Cartesian ontology, UN SDG's
Grahne, Gosta
Computer Science and Software Engineering
Expertise: Databases and Knowledge Bases, Information Systems
Grant, James
Expertise: Fish Ecology, Fish Behaviour, aquatic marine ocean
Gray-Mitsumune, Madoka
Expertise: Biotechnology, Genetics, Genomics
Grohmann, Bianca
Expertise: Brands, sensory marketing, consumer psychology
Guilhem Ducleon, Frederic
Environmental Health and Safety Office
Expertise: Safety, Risk Analysis, Construction Safety, Environment, Biosafety, Toxicology, Chemical Safety, Safety Training, Hazardous Materials Safety
Gutierrez Mejia, Alina
Interdisciplinary Studies
Expertise: Visual thinking, scribe, visual notes, graphic facilitation, graphic recording, facilitation, arts based research, arts based methods.
Guéhéneuc, Yann-Gaël
Computer Science and Software Engineering
Expertise: Software engineering, software architecture, software design, idioms, implementation, test-data generation, development, release, testing, Internet of Things
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