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Farashahi, Mehdi
Expertise: Aviation and airline industry, Hotel industry, Organizational forms and strategies, Business strategies in a global environment, Business strategies in developing and emerging... More
Fayerman, Gail
Expertise: Accountancy, accounting taxes curriculum
Fayyaz, Farrah
Centre for Engineering in Society
Expertise: Engineering Education. Conceptual learning, abstract mathematics, ELSEE analysis of engineering design
Feher, Irene
Expertise: Singing, teaching singing, vocal improvisation, music improvisation, community music and drum circles
Feindel, Janet
Expertise: Voice Alexander Technique Dialects Acting
Ferguson, Trevor
Expertise: Novel, Fiction, Creative Writing, Prose
Fick, Carolyn
Expertise: Oral History, Haiti
Field, Timothy
Expertise: Strategy, Market Research, CASE Competition, Preparing Business Plans, marketing
Foltz, Richard
Expertise: Central and West Asian History and Culture, Silk Road, Central Asia, Iran, Caucasus, Persian, Tajik, Ossetia, Kurd
Fontaine, Rene
Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema
Expertise: Animation (technical aspects), National Film Board, nfb post production editing rendering animating
Ford-Rosenthal, Heather
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: Gender and Feminist Issues, Juvenile Crime, Deviance, Social Problems, Ethnic Relations, women youth delinquency race racism Bullying gangs
Forte, Maximilian
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: Imperialism, neoliberalism, globalization, democracies and democratization, militarization, Libya, Caribbean
Foster, Gavin
Canadian Irish Studies
Expertise: Modern Irish and British History, Comparative Nationalism, History of Memory, Labour History, Migration Studies, ireland england civil war
Francis, Jane
Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics
Expertise: Mediterranean Archaeology, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, pottery sculpture trade artifacts
Franzen, Leon
Expertise: Neuroscience, Psychology, Dyslexia, Learning Disorders, Decision-making, Marketing, EEG, Eye-tracking, Reading, Perception
Fraser, Dylan
Expertise: Conservation, Wildlife, Natural Resource Management, Biodiversity, biology animals evolution genetics ecology
Freedman, Ariela
Liberal Arts College
Expertise: Liberal Arts Education, English / American Literature, World War I Literature, Great Books, James Joyce, viginia woolfe thomas hardy mary borden alison bechdel fiction hilda d... More
Freeman, James
Geography, Planning and Environment
Expertise: The consequences of the World Cup and Olympics for Rio de Janeiro's favelas, brazil janeiro public space popular culture mega events
Freiwald, Bina
Expertise: Critical theory, Women's writing, Gender and Sexuality, Textual and Visual Auto/Biographical Practices and Theorizations of Subjectivity, Nation and Diaspora Discourses, Jewis... More
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