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Dafni, Galia
Mathematics and Statistics
Expertise: Pure Mathematics
Dagenais, Daniel
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: Sociology of the Family, Sociology of Suicide, parents children siblings death
Danis, Marcel
Political Science
Expertise: Labour Law/Relations, Funding and Fundraising, Political Parties and Policies, Criminal Law, legal work policy crime
Daoust-Boisvert, Amelie
Expertise: Journalism. Science, health and environmental journalism. Solutions journalism. Science communication. Media industry. Public relations. Online teaching. Journalisme. Journal... More
Dassios, George
Expertise: Pharmaceutical and Medical Marketing, Marketing Research, Direct Selling, Cross-cultural communication, pharma surveys regulated markets
Davidson, Ann-Louise
Expertise: Social media, E-Learning, Collaborative Action Research, Pedagogy and Technology, E-Portfolio, Marginalized Populations, Instructional Videos, ict facebook disability
Dawson, Alexandra
Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Family business, Private equity
De Almeida, Roberto
Expertise: Cognition, Cognitive Science, Psycholinguistics, Concepts and Categorization, Compositionality, Cognitive Neuroscience
De Guerre, Donald
Applied Human Sciences
Expertise: Organization Development, Effectiveness and Design. Community Strategic Planning & Development, participative democratic governance promotion mental health workplace
De Silva, Nicole
Political Science
Expertise: international organizations, international law, international courts, NGOs, human rights, international criminal justice, International Criminal Court, African regional politi... More
Debbabi, Mourad
Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering
Expertise: Computer Security, Cyber Forensics, Network Security, Cyber Crime, malicious code codes virus virses worm worms botnets phising system information
Delorme, Bruno
Expertise: Sports Management, Sports Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing
Demmers, Thea
Expertise: Nutrition, diet balanced eating mindful nutrient needs menus labelling
Des Jardins, Marc
Expertise: Chinese and Tibetan Religions, tibet dalai lama china falun gong confucianism buddah buddist taoist religious movements
Desai, Bipin C.
Computer Science and Software Engineering
Expertise: Databases, Internet of Things , Knowledge-based Systems, Security , online virtual ecommerce library
Despland, Emma
Expertise: Insect Behaviour, Locusts, locust Tent Caterpillar, plant-insect interactions, spruce budworm, Atacama desert, chemical ecology, nutrition
Di Censo, Gianna
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Expertise: Chemistry
Dion, Marie-France
Theological Studies
Expertise: Concept of Divine Election - King, People, Land, Ancient Israel (1200-500 B.C.E), hebrew bible exegesis
Dodds, Graham
Political Science
Expertise: United States Domestic Policy and Politics, the U.S. Presidency, U.S. Elections, U.S. Perspective on Border Issues with Canada and Mexico, Political Apologies., republican hom... More
Dolbec, Pierre-Yann
Expertise: Cultural markets, technological markets, taste, fashion, culture, innovation, changes in markets - The sneakers market and releases ("drops"), - Fashion, more precisely h... More
Dore, John
Expertise: Men's Basketball, sports collegiate athletics university athletes
Douek, Daniel
Political Science
Expertise: African politics; South Africa; Arab-Israeli conflict; civil wars; terrorism and political violence; Boko Haram, democratic transitions counterinsurgency policing military rel... More
Douglas, David
Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema
Expertise: Film History, Cuban Cinema, Canadian Cinema, Avant-Garde Cinema, Hollywood Cinema, Film and Politics, movies
Doyle, Anna-Beth
Arts and Science Administration
Expertise: Pre-School Aged Children, young youth toddlers development
Draimin, Charles
Expertise: Non-Profit Organizations, npos ngos
Dresner, Aaron
Expertise: Human Resource Management Practices, Disability and Attendance Management, Training and Development, resources
Drew, Noah
Expertise: Voice, Acting, Theatre creation, Sound design, Composition, Text dramaturgy, Sensory dramaturgy, Interdisciplinarity, Heightened states of presence, (Auto)Ethnographic perform... More
Drew, Robin
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Expertise: Materials Selection and Failure Analysis; aircraft accidents
Duenez, Ricardo
Geography, Planning and Environment
Expertise: Environmental Impact Assessments mozambique zambia malawi tanzania, Environmental Impact Assessments, Sustainable Development and Planning, Sustainability in Eastern and South... More
Duguay, Stefanie
Communication Studies
Expertise: social media, gender and sexuality, mobile apps, digital platforms, identity, online self-representation, dating apps, LGBTQI2S
Dyer, Linda
Expertise: Small Business Ownership, management entrepreneurship pme
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