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Bachmann, Ingrid
Studio Arts
Expertise: Textile Arts and New Technology, Video Art/Installations, Digital Media, New Media, art fiber fabric
Bacon, Simon
Exercise Science
Expertise: Behavioural medicine, health behaviours, bariatric care, heart disease, lung disease, sex, gender, health, obesity, physical activity, exercise, stress, Stress management, phy... More
Balli, Fabio

Expertise: commons, open science, co-creation
Bandia, Paul
Études françaises
Expertise: Franco-African Literature and Culture, African Diaspora, Literary and Cultural Translation, Post-Colonialism and Cultural Studies, multi issues social reaction bilingualism li... More
Bara, Adriana
Theological Studies
Expertise: Christian Theology, Ecumenical and Inter-religious relations.
Baron, Lois
Expertise: Physical Well-being, Activity, Health, Kids, Active Living, Youth Sport, Sports Psychology, Role Models, Hazing, childhood children obesity inactive exercise abuse education m... More
Barrett, Paul
Expertise: Canadian literature, race in Canada, digital humanities, black writing
Basu, Nilanjan
Expertise: Corporate Finance and Governance
Bayne, Clarence
Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems
Expertise: Business Forecasting, Minority Business, Small Business Entrepreneurship, Sports Administration, Applied Statistics, Non-Profit Organizations, pme ngo
Beaudry, Anne
Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems
Expertise: Individual and Organizational Impacts of IT, Information Technology-Related Behaviours and Reactions including Emotions
Beitiks, Meghan Moe
Expertise: ecology, sustainability, ecology, performance, theatre, art, interdisciplinarity, queer, gender, intersectionality, trauma theory
Bejerman, Ingrid
Expertise: journalism, journalism education, international journalism, professionalization of journalists, journalistic theory, communication theory, media theory, cultural studies, soci... More
Belkhodja, Chedly
Applied Human Sciences
Expertise: film studies tourism identity, immigration policies, immigrants, regionalization of immigration, diversity, francophone minority outside Quebec, right wing populism, political... More
Bergdahl, Andreas
Exercise Science
Expertise: Expert in human medical physiology and exercise physiology, cardiovascular disease, heart failure, atherosclerosis, hypertension, vascular complications of diabetes, mitochond... More
Bergholz, Max
Expertise: Countries of the Former Yugoslavia, Genocide Studies, Balkan and East European History and Politics
Bergler, Sabine
Computer Science and Software Engineering
Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing
Bernier, Richard
Theological Studies
Expertise: Catholicism, Christian Theology, Christian Spirituality
Berry, Shawn
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: Deviance, Crime and Delinquencies, Sociology of Media, Young Offenders, youth criminal justice suicide drug abuse sex crimes prostitution sexual assault gangs teenager
Berry Mendez, Marisa
School of Community and Public Affairs
Expertise: newcomer settlement and integration immigration migrant labour
Berzowska, Joanna
Design and Computation Arts
Expertise: Wearable Technology, Smart Clothes, Biometric Garments, Electronic Fashion, Smart Fashion, Electronic Textiles, garments clothing clothes intelligent computers xs labs interac... More
Best, Beverley
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: Modes and cultural forms of capitalist society, Labour Relations, Consumerism, Popular Perceptions of the Economy, economic crisis, finance, ideology, political struggle
Betton, Sandra
Expertise: Mergers and Acquisitions, Stock Market, Tender Offers, International Finance, Horse Race Betting, Banking, corporate takeovers gambling money economy
Bevan-Baker, Kate
Expertise: Ethnomusicology, Fiddling, Violin, Celtic music, Traditional music, Irish studies.
Bhabra, Harjeet
Expertise: Real Estate, Corporate Finance, Security Offerings, IPO's, Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Structure, Corporate Payout Policy,, takeovers
Bhagwati, Sandeep
Expertise: Interdisciplinary Arts, Intercultural Performing Arts, Globalisation and Culture, Contemporary Music Composition, Indian Art Music, Intercultural Music, Cultural Life in Germa... More
Bhat, Rama
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Expertise: Acoustics, Shock Waves, Vibration, Rumble Strips, highways roads dynamics structural sound
Bianco, Theresa
Expertise: Sport Psychology - adult & youth, Health Psychology, Social Psychology, mental preparation doping expertise injury rehabilitation support athletics performance success
Bianucci, Pablo
Expertise: Optics Photonics
Bigot, Davy
Études françaises
Expertise: Spoken French in Canada and Quebec, Variants of French in Ontario and Manitoba, Problems of Quality of French in Quebec, language bilingualism cinema film media
Bilodeau, Antoine
Political Science
Expertise: Immigration, Immigrant Integration, Attitudes towards Immigration, elections canada political refugees foreign western
Biron, Pascale
Geography, Planning and Environment
Expertise: Hydrogeomorphology, Restoration of Rivers, Watershed Management, Fish Habitat Restoration, Flood mapping
Blair, Lorrie
Art Education
Expertise: Art Criticism, Multicultural Art Education, Art Therapy, Folk Art, Popular Culture, Tatoos, Graffiti, irish paul kane tats tatoo grafitti
Blais, Patrice
Political Science
Expertise: Not fot Profit Organizations, Business Law, Part-time Faculty Union
Blanchet-Cohen, Natasha
Applied Human Sciences
Expertise: youth engagement, children's rights
Bloodgood, Elizabeth Anne
Political Science
Expertise: Political Activism, Non Governmental Orgainazation, Debt Forgiveness, International Relations, Transnational Politics, International organizations, (UN, EU, WTO, OAS, NATO, N... More
Bobker, Danielle
Expertise: humour studies; feminism and controversial humour; Restoration and eighteenth-century British literature and culture; satire; history of gender, sexuality, and intimacy; affec... More
Bodur, Onur
Expertise: Expertise: • Consumer decision making, its managerial and public policy implications • In-StoreEffects in retail environment • Socially responsible consumption and marketin... More
Boies, Kathleen
Expertise: Human Resource Management, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Organizational Behaviour, leadership teamwork trust personnel selection personality creativity innovation
Bolster, Stephanie
Expertise: Poetry, Contemporary Poetry, Creative Writing, Vermeer, Robert Polidori
Bolton, M. Catherine
Arts and Science Administration
Expertise: academic integrity, plagiarism cheating
Booij, Linda
Expertise: Eating Disorders, brain development, adolescence, trauma, stress, epigenetics, depression, twin research
Bordun, Troy
Art History
Expertise: contemporary cinema, pornography, sociology of gender, art history, popular culture, celebrity
Bossert, Ivona

Expertise: Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, Furniture Design, Graphic Design, Human Centred Design, Design Thinking, Creative Workshops, Inclusive Design
Bouchard, Louise-Marie
Études françaises
Expertise: General Film (Short and Feature), Script and Creative Writing, Novel Writer
Bouguila, Nizar
Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering
Expertise: 3D Graphics and Video Games, Animation Techniques, Artificial Intelligence, image processing computer data learning animated
Boulanger, Pier-Pascale
Études françaises
Expertise: Translation Studies, Traductologie, Financial discourse in the press, financial crisis, le discours; metaphors; financier journalistique, crise financière; métaphores
Boulianne, Emilio
Expertise: Management Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Performance Indicators, balanced scorecard contingency theory mas design procurement cards stakeholder survey research
Bouthillier, Estelle
Office of the President
Expertise: European Royal Families from 1837 to present, British Royal Family, monarchy monarchist royalty king queen prince princess victoria
Brady, Tim
Expertise: music, composition, guitar, arts policy
Brancato, Dario
Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics
Expertise: Italian Language, Italian Literature and Linguistics, Italian Dialectology, Italian Civilization, Italian Culture and History, dialect italy
Brat, Eric
Expertise: Entrepreneurship Business Strategy Business Model Generation
Brooks, Matthew
Studio Arts
Expertise: Photography, contemporary art, analog photography, large format photography
Brown, Grant
Expertise: Behavioural and Chemical Ecology, Fish, Acid Rain, Predator and Prey Dynamics, Streams and Rivers, Environment, salmon freshwater aquatic
Brutus, Stephane
Expertise: Employee Training/Motivation/Evaluation, Executive Education/Development, Job Placement/Hiring, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Human Resources
Bui, Tien
Computer Science and Software Engineering
Expertise: Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, Medical and Governmental Document Analysis, face license
Bukowski, William
Expertise: Child Psychology, Early Adolescent (9-14 years), peers teenagers friends family teens young youth tween bully bullying bullies
Bussieres, Veronique
Geography, Planning and Environment
Expertise: Protected Areas Indigenous Conserved Areas Marine Protected Areas Indigenous Resource Management Environmental Governance Marine Conservation
Byers-Heinlein, Krista
Expertise: Language Acquisition, Infant Bilingualism, Accents, Cognitive Development, learning word
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