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Abraira, Ronald
Expertise: Aboriginal Economic Community, Small Business Development, Entrepreneurship, first nations kahnawake mohawk native
Abrami, Philip C
Expertise: Educational/Information Technology, Evidence-based Policy and Practice, Distance Education, Employability, Systematic Reviews, Early Literacy, School Dropouts, School Success,... More
Acemian, Nancy
Centre for Engineering in Society
Expertise: Blended learning, hybrid learning, eLearning, Online learning, Technology use in classroom, Computer Programming, Faculty development, 1st year courses, i-clickers, lecture ca... More
Acland, Charles
Communication Studies
Expertise: Media Theory, Canadian Cultural History, Canadian Television History, Film History, Popular Culture, Contemporary Politics and Culture, studies technology policy
Adams, Erika
Studio Arts
Expertise: Lithography general printmaking , intaglio serigraphy silkscreen woodcut typography letterpress book binding
Agarwal, Anjali
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Expertise: Real Time Multimedia Communication Over the Internet, Text Messaging, Blogs, MSN, blogging messenger interactive media chat online web
Aghdam, Amir
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Expertise: Control Systems, Large Scale System, Switching Control, Advanced Digital Control Systems
Ahmed, Waizuddin
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Expertise: Vibration, Vehicle Dynamics
Ahsan, Syed
Expertise: South-East Asian Economies, Taxation, Public Finance and Policy, Government Spending, federal budget provincial municipal taxes income pst gst
Akbari, Hashem
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Building Energy Efficiency, Building Automation System, Demand Response, Heat Island Mitigation, Cool Roof, Cool Pavement, Global Warming, Air Quality, Energy Policies, reflec... More
Akgunduz, Ali
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Expertise: Virtual Reality, Airline Yield Management
Al-Mashta, Sarmad
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Architecture, BIM, LEED, Construction
Allison, Ralph
Expertise: Mime, Acting, Directing, theater
Amer, Maria
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Expertise: Video processing, Computer Vision, Video analytics, Object tracking, Object detection, Human pose estimation, Video quality assessment, Deep learning, Data augmentation, Artif... More
Amir, Shimon
Expertise: Neuroscience, Circadian Rhythms, Circadian clock, Clock genes, Stress, Animal models of disease, Addiction
Amit, Vered
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: Transnationalism - Maintaining Social Connections, Occupational and Business Links, Globalization, Cayman Islands, Student Exchanges, Student Travelers, youth culture interna... More
Amor, Meir
Sociology and Anthropology
Expertise: Genocide, Ethnic violence, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Canadian Foreign Policy, middle east politics hezbollah arab jewish palestine
An, Chunjiang
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Environmental Engineering
Anderson, Matthew
Theological Studies
Expertise: Pilgrimage Pilgrims pilgrimage studies New Testament Pauline Studies Christian Origins Lutheran Church Religion Luther, pilgrimage lutheranism religious spiritual reformation ... More
Appelbaum, Steven
Expertise: Burnout, Stress, HR Management, Deviant employee behaviour, Workplace Romance, Corporate Restructuring and Downsizing, Corporate Leadership, Whistleblowing, Computer Phobia, M... More
Arsel, Zeynep
Expertise: Consumption, Marketing, Taste, Coffee, Food, Value, Retail
Ashtakala, Bala
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Roads and Highways, potholes traffic roadwork construction over pass overpass bridge collapse urban planning sprawl
Atanasiadis, I. Reena
Expertise: Personal and Commercial Banking, Crisis and Turnover Management, Litigation Support, Wealth Management, Behavioural Finance, Behavioural Economics, flow money depression reces... More
Athienitis, Andreas
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Computer-aided Design, Energy Efficiency, Solar Energy, Thermal/Heating Systems, house sustainable environmental green
Atwood, John
Computer Science and Software Engineering
Expertise: Computer Science, Computer to Computer Communications, Operating Systems, multicasting internet windows
Aube, Marie-Pierre
Expertise: Archives
Austin, Kevin
Expertise: Electroacoustics, Composition, Sound Design, Music Theory and Ear-training, Sound Cognition and Perception, Psychoacoustics
Awasthi, Anjali
Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering
Expertise: Sustainable mobility, city logistics, intelligent transportation systems, digital supply chain management
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