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Recommended Streaming Films

film still for Show Girls

Show Girls: Celebrating Montreal's Legendary Black Jazz Scene

film still for Black Men Loving

Black Men Loving
short intimate profiles with fathers from across Toronto

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Black Studies Guides & Reading Lists

  • Black Canadian 
    Website created by Professor Charmaine Nelson as both a resource for Black Canadian Studies and a space for shared future research agendas and productions.
  • Black Lives Canada Syllabus // #BlackLivesCDNSyllabus (BLCS)
    A collection of multiple resources to help illuminate the context of Black life and Black history in Canada because “crowd-sourced syllabi are acts of resistance.”

Canadian University Library Guides & Reading Lists


Black Studies at Canadian Universities

Concordia University's Black Perspectives Office (BPO)  resources, supports, connects, and advocates for Black communities, perspectives, initiatives, and scholarship at Concordia.

Black Studies' programs offered across Canada:

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Black Communities in Canada:
Experiences, Histories, Online Libraries

Black Media: News, Magazines, Podcasts

Citing and Centering
Black Authors & Artists

  • Black Art History Subject Guide - Compiles references and resources in the Concordia Library collection and elsewhere that relate to Black diasporic histories and art. Serves as an entry point to introductory topics by and about peoples of African descent in various parts of the world with a focus on Canada and the United States. 

  • Celebrating Esmeralda Thornhill - Black educator and human rights advocate, creator of Concordia's first Black Women's Studies course, honoured by the Simone de Beauvoir Institute in November 2023. CBC broadcast - City News broadcast


  • African Canadian Online - From the Centre for the Study of Black Cultures in Canada at York University. This site provides information on African Canadian artists and their work, links to other Canadian resources on the web, and updates about the activities of the Centre.


  • Directory of artists - Provided by, a listings of and links to Black Canadian actors, authors, comedians, dancers, directors, DJs, models, musicians, poets/spoken word artists, singers and visual artists.


  • Blackity, curated by Joana Joachim at Artexte - this online exhibition the trajectory of contemporary Black Canadian art as witnessed by Artexte’s collection between the 1970s and the 2010s...tracing a temporal cartography of Black Canadian art history
  • Notable Black Canadians - List of notable Black Canadians as provided by, with links to more information about each figure
  • Cite Black Authors searchable, user-curated database of work authored by Black academics.
  • Cite Black Women - a campaign to push people to engage in a radical praxis of citation that acknowledges and honors Black women’s transnational intellectual production.




Associations and Organizations

  • Black Perspectives Office (BPO)  resources, supports, connects, and advocates for Black communities, perspectives, initiatives, and scholarship at Concordia. 
  • NouLa Centre for Black Students offers resources, services, and programming for Concordi students from Black communities, and bridges access with internal units and external organizations that can support Black student success and wellness.
  • Black Mental Health Connections Montreal (BMHC MTL)  an alliance of organizations and individuals focused on the mental health and well-being of the English-speaking Black community in Montreal. We help our community by developing and offering services that spark bottom-up social change.
  • Black Healing Centre -  a physcial healing space for Black People in Montreal. 
  • Union United Church Montreal - Canada's oldest black congregation, and activ community partner. 


  • Diversity Portal - Black Community - List of organizations, services and projects serving the Black community in Toronto and beyond, maintained by Toronto Metropolitan University
  • ACSioN Network of Canada - amplifies the creative leadership potential of students and young professionals from the African diaspora, through culturally-intelligent programs and services.
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