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Black Studies - Article Databases, Journals and Primary Sources

Subject-specific databases

A database of abstracts for important journals, books, and periodicals in the field of race relations, with coverage from 1903. Topics include ethnic studies, discrimination, immigration studies, ideology, and community relations.

JSTOR advanced search filters that limit results based on journal topic. The African American Studies grouping includes 22 journal titles, while the African Studies grouping includes 66 journal titles.

Interdisciplinary database with Area Studies journals; African Studies ebooks, and American Studies ebooks.

Subject-based groupings of bibliographic articles about important figures, events, geographic areas, historical periods and other concepts. The African Studies subject group contains 195 bibliographies, while Atlantic History counts 365.

Interdisciplinary databases

A database of full-text scholarly journals and books in the humanities and social sciences. The collection currently includes over 800 journals and over 80 000 books.

Interdisciplinary articles, mostly focused on North America

Interdisciplinary articles on all topics. How to set up Google Scholar to find Concordia Resources.

Articles related to sociology, and related fields.

Journal article database covering all aspects of U.S. and Canadian history, culture and current affairs from prehistoric times to the present.

Selected journal titles

Explore these specific journals with Black Studies content to find articles that you might not otherwise find in database searches. Use your topic keywords to search within each journal and look for issues with special topics and themes that match your research interests. You can also browse issues by date.

Primary Source Databases

Collection of approximately 15 000 primary source documents created by Black abolitionists in North America and Western Europe (primarily the UK) between 1830 and 1865. Includes articles, manuscripts, correspondence, and literary works.

Curated collection of approximately 1200 English-language plays, representing the work of over 200 Black playwrights from North America, Africa, and the Caribbean, dating between the mid-1800s and the present.

Collection of over 100 000 pages of writing by over 1000 important Black American leaders, covering the last 250 years. The collection includes non-fiction writing such as correspondence, essays, periodicals and leaflets, and trial transcripts.

This collection consists of three themed collections: Monographs; Government Publications; and Serials (periodicals, annuals, and newspapers). Coverage from 17th century to early 20th century.

An open-access collection of radical periodicals produced by groups across the political spectrum from the second half of the 20th century, including Black Power advocates, Indigenous people, feminists, right-wing thinkers, and LGBT activists.

A database of over 2700 oral history collections in English from across the world. Includes audio and video files, full text transcripts, and bibliographic records.

Articles from Canadian journals and newspapers.

Newspaper archive of the African-American newspaper, the Chicago Defender, covering 1910-1975.

A collection of primary source documents and secondary research and teaching documents about the Atlantic world. Includes digitized documents, essays about documents in the collection, and links to other resources, grouped by theme. This resource covers the period between 1490 and 2007.

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