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Ian Velonza

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Program of study: MBA in Investment Management
Expected graduation date: Summer 2023

Hometown/Home city: Markham, Ontario
Languages spoken: English and Tagalog

Why did you choose John Molson School of Business? I wanted to take my career to the next level while I grow my small business. I was searching for a reputable school that can offer world-class education and that would meet my goals. John Molson School of Business is the only University with a high World University Rankings that offers both the MBA and CFA as part of its curriculum. The curriculum is structured to fully integrate finance and business management. Their seasoned professors would teach theoretical concepts that students can easily understand and apply. Their approach is very professional and everyone is always willing to help which is very important in today’s climate.

Highlights of your program so far? Besides teaching the curriculum in a comprehensive manner, I like how I get to interact with my classmates from different fields and different countries. I get to hear their experiences and learn from them. The program also has a mentorship session that they organize so students can ask career questions from alumni. Overall, my network expanded because of these despite being confined at home. 

Why did you choose Toronto? Toronto is the center of the financial services industry in Canada and being close to the hub would open doors. 

Future aspirations: I want to become an equity trader as well as grow my business. I want to be able to distinguish myself from the rest and be an expert subject matter in my field. 


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