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EMBA Return On Investment (ROI)

Students and their employers get a positive ROI and the benefits are immediate – knowledge acquired in the classroom on a Friday or Saturday can be shared and applied on the job the following work day.

A sound investment for all

The John Molson EMBA builds individuals’ skills and knowledge, making them even better contributors to corporate success.

A wide-angle perspective

Our EMBA broadens individuals’ knowledge beyond their industrial sector, geographic sphere and functional domain (e.g. finance, engineering, HR) to get a more integrated or bigger-picture perspective typically associated with senior leadership

Expanding skill set

Our EMBA facilitates the acquisition and development of:

  • Analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Management and leadership techniques
  • Team-building and communication skills
  • Time- and priority-management skills

Reflections of the real world in the classroom

Our EMBA exposes students to the latest business thinking and best practices. Professors from diverse industries – who work in their fields – bring business cases to class.

ROI for Employers

Hear from some of our recent graduates about their transformative experience:

The John Molson EMBA: A new level of confidence

The John Molson EMBA Program Highlights

The John Molson EMBA Program: Challenging, but rewarding

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