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Capstone projects

The Electrochemical Green Engineering Group participates in the formation of future engineers by offering hand-on experience during students projects.

Each year, the Electrochemical Green Engineering Group supervises several capstone projects. Students can select available projects or define in collaboration with our team a project. 

All projects are closely related to the research conducted by our team and usually involves the design and construction of research facilities that will be later used in our work. All projects are supervised by a research assistant from our team.

Interested candidates should contact Prof. Wuthrich or any of our team members.

Available capstone projects

iCompost - The smart composter

Organic waste is the largest component of Concordia’s waste, 47%. Organic waste can be composted to produce nutrients used in growing food instead of sending it to harmful landfills. Only 28% of this compostable waste is actually composted at Concordia, leaving over 188 tons of compostable waste behind to be sent to landfills. Concordia already has initiatives that can put Concordia’s compost to a good use right here on campus such as the green house and city farm school. This would positively contribute to reducing green house effects as well as ground water contamination and make for more sustainable Concordia buildings.

The goal is to design and buid a smart composter able to assist its user in getting high qaulity composted material.

The project is supported by @CUcompost and Mr Faisal Shenib, Concordia sustainability coordinator in the department of Environment Health & Safety agreed to provide technical advice to the capstone team.  


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