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About EGE

Our mission: to develop green advanced manufacturing technologies with special emphasis on surface engineering at the micro-, nano- and atomic-scale meeting the demand of the fourth industrial revolution.

Established in 2006 by Dr. Rolf Wuthrich, the Electrochemical Green Engineering (EGE) Group draws from several disciplines across science, technological and engineering fields. We focus on three main research areas:

  1. Micromachining
  2. Nanoscale surface engineering
  3. Post-processing of additive manufactured parts.

This multidisciplinary approach, together with its strong expertise in electrochemistry, gives the EGE Group a unique position to conduct research in advanced manufacturing for industry and academia.

Our interests cover a wide range of applications from glass micromachining by electrochemical discharges to the development of novel approaches to manufacture highly active electrocatalysts free of noble metals.

We support applied and fundamental research, student education, training and professional development. We put our knowledge at the service of the community and industry in order to allow the birth of novel and innovative solutions that meet today's demand in the field of advanced manufacturing.

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