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BEng elective group options

As a transitional measure, students who have already selected their Option, and who will graduate in or before May 2023, can remain in their chosen Option, choose a different Option or switch to the new No-Option program. ● Students graduating after May 2023 will be part of the no-option program. Please read SOEN curriculum letter for more details.  

General program

Students must complete at least 16 credits chosen from the BEng in Software Engineering electives list.

See course lists in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Course sequences (BEng, General Program)

Computer games 

The Computer Games option deals with the design and implementation of computer games, and the tools and techniques that are useful in developing software for computer games. In addition to learning core computer science fundamentals you will be trained to have all the necessary skills covering areas such as computer graphics, game design, game programming, animation, artificial intelligence, physics simulation and player interfaces.

Course sequences (BEng, Computer Games Option)

Web Services and Applications

The Web Services and Applications option deals with the analysis, design, and implementation of services and applications delivered over the Internet. In addition to learning core computer science fundamentals, students will learn Internet computing , databases, communication networks, information retrieval, web search, distributed systems and web based systems.

Real-Time, Embedded, and Avionics Software 

Looking for BCompSc elective groups?

The Bachelor of Computer Science (BCompSc) degree program offers eight elective group options.

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