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Bachelor program in Computer Science (BCompSc)

The BCompSc Degree is a 90-credit program consisting of the Computer Science Core, the Complementary Core, Computer Science Electives, Mathematics Electives, and the remaining courses comprised of a Minor and/or General Electives. Computer Science Electives are listed in groups to facilitate course selection; the elective groups currently listed are: Artificial Intelligence Group; Computer Games Group; Data Analytics Group; and Web Services and Applications Group.

The BCompSc degree is also offered in the form of two Joint Majors:


Honours and Minor programs

There is an Honours program corresponding to the BCompSc degree and associated Joint Majors.
All programs are offered in the Co-op format, for a limited number of students with suitable qualifications.

The Department also offers a Minor in Computer Science to students pursuing other degrees at Concordia.


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