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Workshop - Rehearsing Our Responses to Microaggressions in the Classroom. Practice Makes....

Date & time
Friday, April 9, 2021
1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Jessica Bleuer


This event is free




Three workshops offer opportunities for faculty, staff and teaching assistants in the Faculty of Fine Arts to explore specific topics in greater depth and enjoy extended time for conversation.  From role-playing to panel discussion, build your skills and learn about practices that can help us to navigate the changing demographics and new sensibilities that are shaping our classrooms today.

All participants are asked to register in advance to confirm their spot and receive the zoom link.

Rehearsing Our Responses to Microaggressions in the Classroom. Practice Makes ….

FacilitatorJessica Bleuer, Lecturer in Drama Therapy, Department of Creative Arts Therapies

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Description: Part theatrical performance, part discussion and strategizing session, and part role-play. You decide how you wish to participate

Join fellow colleagues to practice responding to common everyday microaggressions that happen in university classrooms.

Concordia university students have shared their experiences of racial, gender, and other forms of microaggressions they have experienced in classrooms. Actors will recreate these scenarios, giving faculty members opportunities to collectively strategize how you might respond when something similar happens in your classroom. Students say they want faculty members to respond when microaggressions occur, and most faculty member say they want to respond, but many don’t know how (Boysen, 2012).  Addressing the consequences of microaggressions that include hostile learning environments that negatively impact the socio-emotional welfare of both students and faculty requires conscientious skill and foresight.  How do we address the deep hurt, ruptures in trust and defensiveness post microaggression? Let’s bring our collective wisdom together to practice what repair might look like, and prepare ourselves as we strive for safer learning spaces for our students and faculty. 

*All scenarios are anonymized composite recreations to protect confidentiality of all parties involved.  

Jessica Bleuer, MA, M.Ed., Ph.D.(c), she/her pronouns, is a Registered Drama Therapist in private practice and a tenure-track lecturer and supervisor in the MA Drama Therapy Program at Concordia University in Montreal. A past two-term Diversity Chair for the North American Drama Therapy Association, Jessica's teaching and research focuses on the intersections between individual wellness and larger systemic change.

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