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The purpose of ICPCP 2017 is to create a forum for academics, practitioners, students and researchers from a diverse range of backgrounds to share ideas and recent developments regarding personal construct theory and other related (e.g., constructivist, constructionist, or narrative) approaches.

The XXIInd International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology will celebrate the worldwide use of PCP, highlight the broad range of applications of PCP and emphasize its evolution in a variety of disciplines that go above and beyond its original application to psychology. This will bring synergies between the fields of application of PCP and encourage scholars, students and practitioners to reflect on innovative research methods including the repertory grid technique, qualitative grids, narrative and other more qualitative approaches that are being used in the exploration of personal meaning.

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Scientific committee

Chair: Dr. Jörn Scheer (Germany)
Vice-Chair: Dr. Harry Procter

Coordinator: Nadia Naffi (Canada)


  • Dr. Jack Adams-Webber (Canada)
  • Dr. Richard Bell (Australia)
  • Dr. Vivien Burr (UK)
  • Dr. Peter Caputi (Australia)
  • Dr. Gabriele Chiari (Italy)
  • Dr. Chiara Centomo (Italy)
  • Dr. Peter Cummins (UK)
  • Dr. Ann-Louise Davidson (Canada)
  • Dr. Sarah Dentry-Travis (Canada)
  • Dr. Jay S. Efran (US)
  • Dr. Guillem Feixas (Spain)
  • Mr. Robert Foley (Ireland)
  • Ms. Mary Frances (Italy)
  • Dr. Brian Gaines (Canada)
  • Dr. Massimo Giliberto (Italy)
  • Dr. Jeannette Hemmecke (Austria)
  • Dr. Desley Hennessy (Australia)
  • Dr. Devi Jankowicz (UK)
  • Dr. Michael Mascolo (US)
  • Dr. Vladimir Miletić (Serbia)
  • Dr. Robert A. Neimeyer (US)
  • Dr. Marie-Louise Österlind (Sweden)
  • Dr. Harry Procter (UK)
  • Dr. Jörn Scheer (Germany)
  • Dr. Kenneth W. Sewell (USA)
  • Dr. Dušan Stojnov (Serbia)
  • Dr. Jill Thomas (US)
  • Dr. Roland van Oostveen (Canada)
  • Dr. David Winter (UK)

Contact us

@ICPCP2017 #ICPCP2017

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