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The Roadmap to Leadership Development Training

November 9, 2019


An introduction to the Philosophy of Leading from Above the Line - a principle grounded approach to leadership and personal development. 

Why is Value-based Leadership Important

Aspiring leaders today seek a value-based social and organizational framework which will better reflect fairness in relation to their time/contribution and integrity. This training begins this important conversation on how to promote and sustain value-based leadership in our society, communities and organizations.  Several issues within our community often deny the importance of participatory, democratic, and value based governance and leadership which limits the involvement of a broad-cross section of the community in change efforts which are sustainable. 

Leading From Above The Line: A Principle-Grounded Approach to Personal Development has been developed by leadership development educator, Dr. Theodore Ferguson, specifically to address the leadership challenges in rapidly transforming societies. Leading From Above The Line is targeted to the holistic development of individuals whether as members of families, organizations or societies. 

The program is aimed at building more responsible behaviour in the private and public lives of participants. It is anchored in the philosophy that all human beings have the potential to be creative and to achieve way beyond their usual day-to-day performance levels. The program aims to transform the lives of participants towards the release of their full potential for the good of themselves, their families, their organizations, their countries and for humanity in general.

Benefits to Organizations

Participating organizations will benefit by having staff that:

  • Know how to build value and knowledge-based organizations that will be better able to perform in the rapidly transforming national and global environments
  • Have leadership capabilities that are anchored in the Fundamental Principles
  • Are more creative, confident and motivated

Benefits to Participants

Participation in the Leading From Above The Line program will benefit individuals as follows:

  • They will have a greater awareness of themselves, their human potential and the potential of others
  • They will have knowledge of the universal nature of humanity and of the Fundamental Principles
  • They will understand the personal and organisational benefits of living and leading from Above The Line
  • They will have knowledge of how to strengthen the inner-self and how to build self-esteem
  • They will know how to find inner clarity of their purpose in life and their creative potential
  • They will know the meaning of life and how to achieve true happiness in all spheres of life
  • They will have an enhanced capacity to work with others - even the most difficult; and across all racial and cultural groupings
  • They will know how to become a nucleus for the development of others


Theodore Ferguson Ph.D. is an agricultural scientist by training, who lectured at the St. Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies for 17 years. Now, he is a leadership development educator and a passionate advocate for a principled leadership ethos that springs from man's own humanity and is reinforced and shared in a social space. His is a philosophy in which his thoughts coalesced and clarified themselves. This all occurred in an environment where his caged spirit had been bruised, battered and broken.

It is from this reality, this journey, that his philosophy, Leading From Above The Line, took form and grew. He is the author of ten books on the philosophy.

Dr. Ferguson, a national of Grenada, has shared this philosophy internationally. He has worked with regional and international organizations, governments, state corporations, private and public sector organizations, professionals and, most important, the youth.


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