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As widespread and popular as coaching has become, we have little empirical evidence about what coaches actually do in sessions and how the pattern of coach interventions may shift over the course of a coaching relationship. With the support of a research grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council in Canada, we will be creating new information on this vital topic

If you are a practicing coach, we need your help.

Our study is based on the content analysis of verbal exchanges between coaches and their clients over a series of sessions. The study will identify general patterns of interventions over the course of a coaching relationship.

If you are interested in participating, you can find further details here. Choose the category that best applies to you:

1.  Involved in a reciprocal coaching program (ICF/ReciproCoach)

2.  Coaching program graduate interested in participating in the research

Please give this your utmost consideration. It is essential to the coaching field that we continue to generate foundational research on what we do – in order to better understand and guide our future.




A hot topic these days is ‘coaching culture.’  Our research will explore the degree of fit between types of coaching available and the different cultures of organizations.

If you are a practicing coach, we invite you to participate in our research.

When you think of a very hierarchical organization compared to one that is quite flat in its structure, you can imagine that the two cultures would differ. Given that there are different types of coaching, which coaching type creates the most benefit for each type of organizational culture?

We will look at different types of organizational cultures along with different forms of coaching. We will then ask participants in our study to estimate the value of these different forms of coaching in the context of the various cultures.

Our questionnaire will take about 20 minutes to complete and it will be so important to us and to the field of coaching to have your input. Please consider participating.

If you want to know more, READ HERE to find out how to participate.

Thank you

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