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Grey Zone of Change

WEBINAR: Living Leading and Facilitating in the Grey Zone of Change
  June 19, 2020
Registration Closed

We are in a world facing numerous systems transitions. From hierarchies to networks and sociocracies. From office-based to a global and mobile workforce. From a human resource era to a co-dependent AI/VR/robotics era. From patriarchy to equality-based systems. We are in the midst of major shifts and transitions...and then along came #COVID-19.   Read More >>


People Powered Innovation Workshops
Postponed until further notice

People Powered Innovation  involves people from across organization, network or ecosystem in the discovery of what works, what energizes them, and what they hope to create; focuses on what we want to create and what opportunities, resources and strengths we have to enable our shared success; invites us to learn our way into the future through prototype development and iterative testing; and ensures that solutions are systemic, fully integrating human, organizational, technological and economic innovations.   Read More >>


Micro-Phenomenology Training
  April 5 - 9, 2020
Program cancelled

Micro-phenomenology is a new scientific discipline enabling us to discover ordinary inaccessible dimensions of our lived experience and describe them accurately and reliably. The development of this "psychological microscope" opens vast fields of investigation in the educational, technological, clinical and therapeutic, as well as artistic and contemplative domains. Read More >>

Past Programs


Roadmap to Leadership Development Training
 November 9, 2019

Aspiring leaders today seek a value-based social and organizational framework which will better reflect fairness in relation to their time/contribution and integrity. This training begins this important conversation on how to promote and sustain value-based leadership in our society, communities and organizations. Read More >>


ULab Social Innovation Hub / Laboratoire U d'innovations sociales de Concordia
September-December / septembre-decembre 2019
Registration closed

We are a bilingual learning community, co-creating a space of learning, dialogue and social innovation with diverse individuals and groups across Montreal, as well as a global network of over 100,000 change makers. Join us to “learn how to create profound innovation in a time of disruptive change by leading from an emerging future” (Otto Scharmer).   Read More >>

Grey Zone of Change

Living Leading and Facilitating in the Grey Zone of Change
  June 20, 2019

The grey zone of change is the space in-between systems – between the from and to of change. Systems may be worldviews, philosophies, organization transformations, methodologies or social systems. How do we lead and facilitate transformations in this context?   Read More >>

Human Interaction Laboratory

Human Interaction Learning Laboratory
  May 26 - 31, 2019

This Human Interaction Learning Laboratory is a six-day (five night) residential program. Its unique experiential design consists of small and large group sessions whereby a semi-structured learning environment will assist you in developing your competencies in interpersonal and group dynamics.   Read More >>

People Powered Innovation Labs

People Powered Innovation Labs
  May 6 - 7, 2019

Despite dramatic innovations in technology and the world of physical objects, our results in creating healthy, effective and flourishing human systems, — businesses, NGO’s/non-profits, government agencies, networks and ecosystems — have been highly inconsistent. People Powered Innovation Labs is a 2-day introduction for leaders of business and social innovation, designers, facilitators, technologists and... anyone who has an innovation challenge or opportunity that would benefit from the collective genius of the people in the system.   Read More >>

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