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Jim Gavin
PhD, ABPP, FACP, MCC, Centre Director
Co-Director of the Professional and Personal Coach Certificate Program

Jim is a full professor and co-designer of the internationally renowned Human Systems Intervention graduate program at Concordia University. Jim is a certified coach and licensed psychologist who has, over the past 40 years, coached hundreds of individuals and worked with senior management teams in the public and private sector. He focuses on the whole system in furthering both organizational change and conflict management processes. Among his numerous publications, Jim's Lifestyle Wellness Coaching is a comprehensive and classic work. 

Marilyn Aziz
Marilyn Aziz
Administrative Assistant

Marilyn has a computer background in web design, programming and desktop publishing. With degrees in both Art History and Music, she is an enthusiast of the arts, and enjoys cooking and all things gastronomic.

CHRCS Board of Directors

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