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Bio-inspired, Green Organic and Inorganic Oxidations

Our focus is to develop novel methods to oxidize organic substrates under green conditions. Creating value-added chemicals by efficient, selective and environmentally friendly feedstock functionalization remains an urgent challenge that requires new types of catalysts. Owing to the prevalence of C–O and C–N bonds in platform chemicals, pharmaceuticals and natural products, the introduction of O and N groups onto organic scaffolds is an important topic in organic synthesis.

In our research laboratory, we design novel oxidative processes for the creation of C–C, C–N and C–O bonds in one-step via radical and redox-active intermediates along two themes: (1) to use the NO bond as an internal oxidant, and (2) to employ radical and redox-active intermediates in novel catalytic processes.

Inspired by the catalytic cycles of oxygenase enzymes, we are developing simple synthetic models and harness their reactivity for catalytic organic transformations. We are especially interested in harvesting the oxidative power of oxygen (air) and using earth-abundant, non-toxic metal ions such as Cu and Fe in order to develop oxidation processes that are environmentally benign (green).

Our research involves standard organic synthesis for ligand preparation and specialized inorganic and organometallic techniques to prepare reactive metal complexes, including the use of inert and dry atmospheres (glove box, Schlenk lines). We are equipped to perform catalytic reactions with medium-throughput and study their mechanisms via inorganic, organic and physico-chemical tehcniques. XoRG researchers thus enjoy a comprenhensive training in chemistry.

See our Publications for more details.

Keywords: metal complexes, bioinorganic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, hydrocarbon functionalization, reactive catalytic species


The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC
Fonds Société et culture - frqsc - Gouvernement du Québec
Canada Foundation for Innovation


Centre in Green Chemistry and Catalysis
Centre for Research in Molecular Modeling
Inorganic Chemistry Exchange
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