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H. Singh, A. MacKay, N. Sheibany, F. Chen, M. Mosser, P.-É. Rouet, F. Rousseau, M.S. Askari, X. Ottenwaelder* Intramolecular H-bond Stabilization of a Primary Hydroxylamine in Salen-Type Metal Complexes, Chemical Communications 2021, acceptedDOI

F. Effaty, X. Ottenwaelder*, T. Friščić* Mechanochemistry in Transition Metal Catalyzed Reactions, Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry 2021, 32, 100524. DOI

J. Zsombor-Pindera, F. Effaty, L. Escomel, B. Patrick, P. Kennepohl,* X. Ottenwaelder* Five Nitrogen Oxidation States from Nitro to Amine: Stabilization and Reactivity of a Metastable Arylhydroxylamine Complex, Journal of the Chemical American Society 2020, 142, 19023-19028. DOI

M.S. Askari, F. Effaty, F. Gennarini, M. Orio, N. Le Poul*, X. Ottenwaelder* Tuning Inner-Sphere Electron Transfer in a Series of Copper/Nitrosoarene Adducts, Inorganic Chemistry 2020, 59, 8678-8689 (invited front cover). DOI

F. Chacon-Huete, C. Messina, F. Chen, L. Cuccia, X. Ottenwaelder, P. Forgione* Solvent-free Mechanochemical Oxidation and Reduction of Biomass Derived 5-Hydroxymethyl FurfuralGreen Chemistry201820, 5261-5265. DOI

F. Effaty, J. Zsombor-Pindera, A. Kazakova, B. Girard, M.S. Askari, X. Ottenwaelder* Ligand and Electronic Effects on Copper-Arylnitroso Self-Assembly, New Journal of Chemistry2018, 42, 7758-7764. DOI

X. Ottenwaelder*, S. Herres-Pawlis* Preface: Bio-Inorganic Chemistry of CopperInorganica Chimica Acta (Special Issue on Cu Bio-Inorganic Chemistry) 2018, 481, 1-3. DOI

L. Chaloner, X. Ottenwaelder* Bio-Inspired Oxidation Chemistry of a Cu(II)-Fluoride Cryptate with C3-SymmetryInorganica Chimica Acta (Special Issue on Cu Bio-Inorganic Chemistry) 2018, 481, 106-112. DOI

O. Kwon, K.V.N. Esguerra, M. Glazerman, L. Petitjean, Y. Xu, X. Ottenwaelder; J.-P. Lumb* Development of 3,5-di-tert-Butylphenol as a Model Substrate for Biomimetic Aerobic Copper CatalysisSynlett 201728, 1548-1553. DOI

P. Li, W. Xiao, P. Chevalier, D. Biswas, X. Ottenwaelder, M.-A. Fortin, J.K. Oh* Extremely Small Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Stabilized with Catechol-Functionalized Multidentate Block Copolymer for Enhanced MRIChemistrySelect 20161, 4087-4091. DOI

L. Chaloner, A. Khomutovskaya, F. Thomas, X. Ottenwaelder* Supramolecular Control of Monooxygenase Reactivity in a Copper(II) CryptateDalton Trans. 201645, 11109-11119. DOI

M. Hébert, P. Petiot, E. Benoit, J. Dansereau, T. Ahmad, A. Le Roch, X. Ottenwaelder, A. Gagnon* Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Triarylbismuthines by Functional Group Manipulation and Use in Palladium- and Copper-Catalyzed Arylation ReactionsJ. Org. Chem.201681, 5401-5416. DOI

R. Sivakumar, M.S. Askari, S. Woo, C. Madwar, X. Ottenwaelder, D.S. Bohle*, L.A. Cuccia* Homochiral Crystal Generation via Sequential Dehydration and Viedma RipeningCrystEngComm 201618, 4277-4280. DOI

Z. Huang, M.S. Askari, K.V.N. Esguerra, T.-Y. Dai, K.V.N. Esguerra, O. Kwon, X. Ottenwaelder*, J.-P. Lumb* A Bio-Inspired Synthesis of Oxindoles by Catalytic Aerobic Dual C-H Functionalization of PhenolsChem. Sci. 20167, 358-369. DOI

D. de Bellefeuille, M. Orio, A.-L. Barra, A. Aukauloo, Y. Journaux, C. Philouze, X. Ottenwaelder*, F. Thomas* Redox non-Innocence of the Bridge in Copper(II)-Salophen and bis-Oxamato ComplexesInorg. Chem. 201554, 9013-9026. DOI

M.S. Askari, K.V.N. Esguerra, J.-P. Lumb*, X. Ottenwaelder* A Biomimetic Mechanism for the Copper-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxygenation of 4-tert-ButylphenolInorg. Chem. 201554, 8665-8672. DOI

M.S. Askari, M. Orio, X. Ottenwaelder* Controlled Nitrene Transfer from a Tyrosinase-Like Arylnitroso-Copper ComplexChem. Commun. 201551, 11206-11209. DOI

M.S. Askari, L.A. Rodríguez-Solano, A. Proppe, B. McAllister, J.-P. Lumb, X. Ottenwaelder* Catalytic aerobic oxidation of phenols to ortho-quinones with air-stable copper precatalystsDalton Trans. 201544, 12094-12097. DOI

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Y. Fang, P. Nguyen, O. Ivasenko, M.P. Aviles, E. Kebede, M.S. Askari, X. Ottenwaelder, U. Ziener, O. Siri, L.A. Cuccia* Charge-assisted hydrogen bond-directed self-assembly of an amphiphilic zwitterionic quinonemonoimine at the liquid-solid interfaceChem. Commun. 201147, 40, 11255-11257. DOI

L. Chaloner, M.S. Askari, A. Kutteh, S. Schindler, X. Ottenwaelder* Formation and reactivity of a biomimetic hydroperoxocopper(II) cryptateEur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2011, 27, 4204-4211. DOI

M.S. Askari, B. Girard, M. Murugesu, X. Ottenwaelder* The two spin states of an end-on copper(II)-superoxide mimicChem. Commun. 201147, 28, 8055-8057. DOI

R.E. Cowley, N.J. DeYonker, N.A. Eckert, T.R. Cundari*, S. DeBeer*, E. Bill*, X. Ottenwaelder, C. Flaschenriem, P.L. Holland* Three-Coordinate Terminal Imidoiron(III) Complexes: Structure, Spectroscopy, and Mechanism of FormationInorg. Chem. 201049, 13, 6172-6187. DOI

M.S. Askari, B. Girard, M. Murugesu, X. Ottenwaelder* The two spin states of an end-on copper(II)-superoxide mimicChem. Commun. 201147, 28, 8055-8057. DOI

M.-C. Dul, X. Ottenwaelder, E. Pardo, R. Lescouëzec, Y. Journaux*, L.-M. Chamoreau, R. Ruiz-García, J. Cano*, M. Julve, F. Lloret* Ferromagnetic Coupling by Spin Polarization in a Trinuclear Copper(II) Metallacyclophane with a Triangular Cage-Like StructureInorg. Chem.200948, 12, 5244-5249. DOI

A.P. Dove, E.T. Kiesewetter, X. Ottenwaelder, R.M. Waymouth* Propylene Polymerization with Cyclopentadienyl Titanium(IV) Hydroxylaminato ComplexesOrganometallics 200928, 2, 405-412. DOI

E. Pardo, R. Ruiz-García, J. Cano, X. Ottenwaelder, R. Lescouëzec, Y. Journaux*, F. Lloret*, M. Julve* Ligand Design for Multidimensional Magnetic Materials: a Metallosupramolecular PerspectiveDalton Trans.200821, 2780-2805 (perspective). DOI

C.C.L. McCrory, X. Ottenwaelder, T.D.P. Stack, C.E.D. Chidsey* Kinetic and Mechanistic Studies of the Electrocatalytic Reduction of O2 to H2O with Mononuclear Cu Complexes of Substituted 1,10-PhenanthrolinesJ. Phys. Chem. A 2007111, 49, 12641-12650. DOI

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X. Ottenwaelder, D. Jackson Rudd, M.C. Corbett, K.O. Hodgson*, B. Hedman*, T.D.P. Stack* Reversible O-O bond cleavage in copper-dioxygen isomers: impact of anion basicityJ. Am. Chem. Soc. 2006128, 29, 9268-9269. DOI

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A.P. Cole, V. Mahadevan , L.M. Mirica, X. Ottenwaelder, T.D.P. Stack* Bis(µ-oxo)dicopper(III) Complexes of a Homologous Series of Simple Peralkylated 1,2-Diamines: Steric Modulation of Structure, Stability, and ReactivityInorg. Chem. 200544, 21, 7345-7364. DOI

R. Carasco, J. Cano*, X. Ottenwaelder, A. Aukauloo, Y. Journaux, R. Ruiz-García* High-Valent Nickel Oxamides. Part 2. Molecular and Electronic Structure of Square-Planar Nickel(II), Nickel(III) and Nickel(III) π-Cation Radical Complexes with a Tetradentate o-Phenylenedioxamidate Redox-Active LigandDalton Trans. 200515, 2527-2538. DOI

X. Ottenwaelder, A. Aukauloo, Y. Journaux*, R. Carasco, J. Cano, B. Cervera, I. Castro, S. Curreli, M. C. Muñoz, A. L. Roselló, B. Soto, R. Ruiz-García* High-Valent Nickel Oxamides. Part 1. Synthesis, Structure, Spectroscopy and Redox Chemistry of Square-Planar Nickel(II) Complexes with Tetradentate o-Phenylenedioxamidates and Related LigandsDalton Trans. 200515, 2516-2526. DOI

E. Pardo, I. Morales-Osorio, M. Julve, F. Lloret*, J. Cano, R. Ruiz-García, J. Pasán, C. Ruiz-Pérez, X. Ottenwaelder, Y. Journaux* Magnetic Anisotropy of a High-Spin Octanuclear Nickel(II) Complex with a meso-Helicate CoreInorg. Chem. 200443, 24, 7594-7596. DOI

E. Pardo, K. Bernot, M. Julve, F. Lloret*, J. Cano, R. Ruiz-García, F. S. Delgado, C. Ruiz-Pérez, X. Ottenwaelder, Y. Journaux* Spin Control in LadderLike Hexanuclear Copper(II) Complexes with Metallacyclophane CoresInorg. Chem. 200443, 9, 2768-2770. DOI

E. Pardo, K. Bernot, M. Julve, F. Lloret*, R. Ruiz-García, J. Pasán, C. Ruiz-Pérez, X. Ottenwaelder, Y. Journaux* Self-Assembly of a Double-Propeller Octanuclear Copper(II) Complex with a meso-Helicate-Type Metallacryptand CoreChem. Commun. 20048, 920-921, "hot paper". DOI

X. Ottenwaelder, R. Ruiz-García, G. Blondin, R. Carasco, J. Cano, D. Lexa, Y. Journaux, A. Aukauloo* From Metal to Ligand Electroactivity in Nickel(II) Oxamato ComplexesChem. Commun. 20045, 504-505 "hot paper". DOI

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E. Pardo, J. Faus, M. Julve, F. Lloret*, M. C. Muñoz, J. Cano*, X. Ottenwaelder, Y. Journaux*, R. Carrasco, G. Blay, I. Fernández, R. Ruiz-García* Long-Range Magnetic Coupling through Extended π-Conjugated Oligo-p-Phenylenediamide Bridges in Dinuclear Copper(II) MetallacyclophanesJ. Am. Chem. Soc. 2003125, 36, 10770-10771. DOI

K. E. Berg, Y. Pellegrin, G. Blondin, X. Ottenwaelder, Y. Journaux, M. Moragues Canovas, T. Mallah, S. Parsons, A. Aukauloo* A Unique Heterotopic Ligand for Sequential Synthesis of Polymetallic ComplexesEur. J. Inorg. Chem. 20022, 323-325. DOI

I. Fernández, R. Ruiz*, J. Faus, M. Julve, F. Lloret*, J. Cano, X. Ottenwaelder, Y. Journaux*, M. C. Muñoz Ferromagnetic Coupling through Spin Polarization in a Dinuclear Copper(II) MetallacyclophaneAngew. Chem. Int. Ed. 200140, 16, 3039-3042. DOI

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A. Aukauloo, X. Ottenwaelder, R. Ruiz, Y. Journaux*, Yu Pei, E. Rivière, M. C. Muñoz Rational Design of Homo and Hetero Hexanuclear Coordination compounds: Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of [CuII2MII4] (M=Cu, Ni) SpeciesEur. J. Inorg. Chem. 20005, 951-957. DOI

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A. Aukauloo, X. Ottenwaelder, R. Ruiz, Y. Journaux*, Yu Pei, E. Rivière, B. Cervera, M. C. Muñoz An Na8 Cluster in the Structure of a Novel Oxamato-Bridged NaICuII Three-Dimensional Coordination PolymerEur. J. Inorg. Chem. 19992, 209-212. DOI

I. Fernandez, J. R. Pedro*, A. L. Roselló, R. Ruiz, X. Ottenwaelder, Y. Journaux* Aerobic Epoxidation of Olefins Catalysed by Square-Planar Nickel(II) Complexes of Bis N,N' disubstituted Oxamides and Related LigandsTetrahedron Lett. 199839, 18, 2869-2872. DOI

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J. Estrada, I. Fernandez, J. R. Pedro*, X. Ottenwaelder, R. Ruiz, Y. Journaux* Aerobic Epoxidation of Olefins Catalysed by Square-Planar Cobalt(III) Complexes of Bis N,N' disubstituted Oxamides and Related LigandsTetrahedron Lett. 199738, 13, 2377-2380. DOI

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