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Research team


Louis Cuccia
Associate professor
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Graduate and undergraduate students

  • Jean-Louis Do, PhD
    Supramolecular structures from novel salicylic acid-based ligands

  • Sehrish Khan, MSc
    Crystallization of copper aspartate coordination polymer in gel

  • Ziqiao Zhong, MSc
    Chiral crystallization and enantiomer-specific oriented attachment

  • Gregory Amato, MSc
    Chiral induced spin selectivity (CISS) in chiral perovskites

  • Kwan Ming Tam & Vanessa Bonomo, Ugrad
    An electrochemical investigation of the chiral induced spin selectivity (CISS) effect

  • Renata Sabini, Ugrad
    Exploring dynamic reactions in gels

Past group members

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