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Instruments are located in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, the Department of Biology and the Centre for Structural and Functional Genomics (CSFG).

Fees are levied to cover expenses such as the cost of consumables and replacement parts. Note that fees are subject to change. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or if you want to schedule instrument access or training.

For DLS instrument please contact Dr Chris Brett.


For inquiries regarding surface plasmon resonance contact Dr. Jack Kornblatt.


For AUC, contact CSFG, for fluorimetry contact Dr. Peter Pawelek.


We can also coordinate access to x-ray diffraction and NMR

Spectroscopy room

Varian Cary 100 Bio UV-vis spectrophotometer

This is a dual beam spectrophotometer is ideal for routine laboratory work and features a working range past 3.5 absorbance units.

Agilent 8453 UV-vis spectrophotometer

The Agilent spectrophotometer features diode array technology with a wavelength range of 190 nm to 1100 nm. The instrument has a fixed 1 nm slit width and is equipped with a standard cell holder accommodating cuvettes up to 1 cm pathlength.

Jasco J-815 CD Spectropolarimeter

The Jasco J-815 spectropolarimeter is equipped with an air-cooled 150 W xenon arc source and offers a measurement range from 163 – 1100 nm with high signal-to-noise and low stray light. It allows temperature control (15 ⁰C below ambient to ~100 ⁰C) and accommodates rectangular, demountable and cylindrical cells with pathlengths ranging from 0.01 cm to 1 cm.

Jasco J-715 Spectropolarimeter

The Jasco J-715 spectropolarimeter is equipped with an air-cooled detector and is ideally configured ֯for CD investigations of aromatic compounds.

Varian Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

The Cary Eclipse features a xenon flash lamp and 80 Hz acquisition to carry out fluorescence, phosphorescence or chemi/bio luminescence spectroscopy. It can be fitted with automated polarizers to allow fluorescence anisotropy measurements.

Thermo Scientific Nicolet 6700 FT-IR

The Nicolet FT-IR spectrometer houses a sensitive MCT detector and is equipped with a temperature controlled sample cell for liquid IR.  It is well configured for the identification of small molecules and protein functional groups.

MicroCal VP-ITC Microcalorimeter

MicroCal’s VP-ITC is an ultrasensitive isothermal titration calorimeter for measuring binding interactions in a label free, solution format. It allows an operating temperature range of 20 ⁰C to 80 ⁰C, a cell volume of about 1.4 mL and a precision liquid delivery system for accurate and reproducible injections.

Multi Equilibrium Dialyzer Instrument

This system from Harvard Apparatus provides highly standardized dialysis conditions allowing up to 20 parallel assays for measuring equilibrium binding interactions. The instrument comes with 20 x 0.2 mL fillable and autoclavable Teflon microdialysis cells that are fixed and rotated uniformly with a variable speed drive unit. Permeable membranes (5 kDa or 10 kDa) are available for the cells.

The Savant SC110 SpeedVac

This system rapidly evaporates liquids to concentrate or dry solutes, analytes and residues in aqueous and organic solvents.

Centrifugation and fermentation room

Chemap Fermenter/Bioreactor and Sussman Electric Steam Generator

The Chemap AG Fermenter FZ2000 comes with a jacketed glass vessel that can accommodate up to 16 L of culture. The system is equipped with pH and oxygen probes and a variable stirring rate. The fermenter is interfaced to the Sussman MBA Electric Steam Generator for sterilization and processes steam in a range from 0 to 85 PSIG and features an automatic electronic liquid level controller.

Sussman Electric Steam Generator MB9L

This Sussman MBA Electric Steam Generator produces steam in a range from 0 to 85 PSIG and features an automatic electronic liquid level controller

Innova 4300/4330 Incubator Shakers

These high-capacity orbital shakers from New Brunswick deliver shaking speeds from 25 to 500 rpm and can accommodate flasks up to 6 liters. One shaker provides a temperature range of 5 ⁰C above ambient to 60 ⁰C while the other unit is refrigerated and provides a temperature range of 15 ⁰C below ambient to 60 ⁰C.

Biologics 300 VT Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Ultrasonic cell disruptor/homogenizers are versatile laboratory units suitable for biological cell disruption/homogenization, emulsification, dispersion, and degassing. The Biologics 300 VT unit delivers up to 300 watts of ultrasonic disruption provided in continuous or pulsed mode and encased in a sound abating chamber. It comes equipped with a stepped titanium microtip for processing sample volumes of 0.30 mL to 15 mL and a tapped titanium horn for volumes of 25 mL to 600 mL.

Thermo Spectronic French Pressure Cell Press (model FA-078) with Pressure Cell

The French press is a motor driven sample preparation tool for the gentle and effective disruption of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell membranes and walls and for nucleic acid extraction. The pressure cell can accommodate a maximum internal pressure up to 40,000 psi and a sample volume up to 35 mL.

Branson Sonifier 250

Branson Sonifier ultrasonic cell disruptor/homogenizers are versatile laboratory units suitable for biological cell disruption/homogenization, emulsification, dispersion, and degassing.

Beckman J2-HS Centrifuge

A work-horse preparative centrifuge for routine particle separation. It comes equipped with 4 fixed angle rotors with a sample capacity up to 2 liters and a performance up to 49,000 x g.

Sorval Lynx 4000

The Lynx 4000 is a programmable centrifuge which facilitates high-speed separations in a shared lab setting. It comes equipped with a number of lightweight carbon fiber rotors to process samples in 50 mL conical tubes to 500 mL bottles and a performance up to 68,000 x g. It is ideal for preparing cell extracts and carrying out subcellular fractionation.

Sorval RC 3CPlus

This high capacity centrifuge is equipped with a number of swinging bucket attachments to accommodate a range of sample sizes up to 1 liter bottles.

Eppendorf 5810

This compact refrigerated centrifuge delivers a maximum rotational speed of 4000 rpm and is ideal for processing samples in 15 mL and 50 mL flacon tubes.

Beckman Coulter Optima L100 XP Ultracentrifuge

The Beckman preparative ultracentrifuge comes equipped with swinging bucket (SW 41) and near vertical angle (NVT 65) titanium rotors and is ideal for preparing cytosolic extracts and cellular organelle and nucleic acid isolations by gradient separations using sucrose or cesium salts. It delivers a maximal rotational force up to 400,000 x g.

Varian VNMRS-500 MHz

5 mm AutoX DB (Dual Broadband) probe 1H-19F/X[15N-31P], with z-PFG, operating with VNMRJ 2.3 software under LINUX Red Hat 5. Automatic tuning for all nuclei by ProTune accessory.

Varian INOVA-300 MHz

Two 5 mm probes - direct SW 1H/X[15N-31P] and inverse ID 1H/ X[15N-31P], with z-PFG, operating with VNMR 6.1 software on SUN Solaris 8. Probe is typically pre-tuned to proton and phosphorus frequencies. 


The user fees of our CD instruments include charges for N2 use and lamp time.

Internal users
External (academic)
External (other)

User fees are charged on a per hour basis.

Academic $2.50
Other $5.00

User fees are charged on a per run basis for short runs and a per day basis for longer runs.


Faculty assist in data analysis free of charge.

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