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Open to students, faculty & staff

2023-2024 Application Deadline:

February 2, 2024, 12PM

Decisions expected the week of February 19, 2024

Faculty and staff, do you have an EL opportunity to offer to your students OR are you a student with an idea for a hands-on project that's related to your program of study? Do you need funding to support it? 

Apply for up to $2000.


Applications will be evaluated based on evidence of the following:

Key elements of experiential learning: 

  • A hands-on project that is relevant to a course, or the student's academic program (1)
  • Defined learning outcomes and assessment method(s)
  • Planned reflective exercises

Commitment to the project's overall success:

  • Articulated project impact(s)
  • Creating a plan for success

(1) For faculty/staff applicants who will supervise a student from a specific program, the student does not need to be identified in advance, but the academic program should be identified as the project should be related to the student's program of study.



  • Award recipients must use funds within one year of being granted
  • Student applicants must be current students during the period the grant will be used
  • Student applicants must have a faculty/staff supervisor. The supervisor should be able to offer coaching and guidance as needed.
  • Staff or faculty applicants must commit to coaching and mentoring the students working on the proposed project.
  • Award recipients will be asked to share their experience with the Concordia community. (2)

(2) Recipients will be featured on our website and social media channels, and may also have the opportunity to bring their project to the 4TH SPACE.


Project Ideas

Need some inspiration? This is not an exhaustive list, but it can help get you started. Keep scrolling to view projects from past recipients.


  • Any hands-on course project to cover materials, fees, etc.
  • Funding for an internship
  • Project in partnership with a Concordia unit or a community partner
  • Hands-on workshop hosted by a student club
  • Undergraduate research


  • Materials for an experiential learning activity within a course
  • Student internship that you will supervise


  • A stipend for student/s to work on a short-term project (ex. creating an exhibit in the 4TH SPACE, designing a workshop, designing a poster, developing a communication strategy, developing a survey etc.)


  • Graduate research projects are not eligible
  • Funding RA and TA positions is not permitted
  • Honoraria and salaries for staff, faculty, guest speakers or contract employee
  • Salary for a student working in a clerical position at the university

Grant recipients

Zakari Thibodeau, 2022

Tim Chandler, 2022

Meet Tim

Daniela Venuta for Space Concordia, 2022

Meet Daniela

Sasha Friday, 2022

Roxanne Boyle, 2022

Meet Roxanne

Rhonda Chung, 2022

Meet Rhonda

Ming(yue) Tao, 2022

Meet Ming

Michelle Goanta, 2022

Meet Michelle

Meghan Harnum, 2022

Meet Meghan

Janna Frenzel, 2022

Isabelle Boucher, 2022

Conor Kilroy, 2022

Meet Conor

Claire Lecker, 2022

Meet Claire

Caleb Woolcott, 2022

Meet Caleb

Amanda Dunbar, 2022

Wanda Stamford, 2021

Myloe Martel-Perry, 2021

Heba Badi Alqub, 2021

Oriana Meek-Sauriol, 2021

Gala Licheva, 2021

Ali Mehdi, 2021

Meet Ali

Zvart Ajoyan, 2021

Paola Marino, 2021

Michelle Duchesneau 2020

Meet Michelle

Alicia Turgeon, 2020

Meet Alicia

Zeina El Omari, 2020

Meet Zeina

Juan Prieto, 2020

Meet Juan

Luz Gomez-Vallejo, 2020

Meet Luz

Kristy Franks, 2020

Meet Kristine

Maleika Mohamed, 2020

Meet Maleika

Samantha Krajewski, 2020

Meet Samantha

Olivier Makuch, 2020

Meet Olivier

Arianna Garcia-Fialdini, 2020

Meet Arianna

Sonia Di Maulo, 2020

Meet Sonia

Rosemary Reilly, 2020

Mario Sanchez, 2020

Farhad Shadmehri, 2020

Michael Beigleman, 2020

Celeste-Melize Ferrus, 2019

Meet Celeste-Melize

Emily Andrews, 2019

Meet Emily

Anja Novković, 2019

Meet Anja

Marcus Bankuti, 2019

Meet Marcus
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