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Experiential Learning and Co-operative Education team

Concordia University is dedicated to ensuring that an experiential learning (EL) experience is beneficial to all stakeholders. The Experiential Learning team provides support and coordination for EL activities across the university to assist students, faculty, staff and partner organizations. The Co-operative Education team oversees the work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities that are offered through the Co-operative Education Institute.

The Experiential Learning team helps to:

  • Create and promote EL opportunities, including job opportunities on campus
  • Offer EL skills development activities
  • Offer training and professional development (in conjunction with other units)
  • Handle requests from partners for student involvement
  • Build and maintain relations with partners to develop and sustain partnerships
  • Integrate EL in courses (through Riipen or in conjunction with the Centre for Teaching and Learning)
  • Support reflection and assessment of EL
  • Connect with university units and external organizations
  • Offer EL grants to students, faculty and staff
  • Provide recognition and award exceptional student/staff/faculty experiential learning efforts and accomplishments

To reach out about experiential learning at Concordia, contact us at

Contact the academic program or department directly for questions about the academic program requirements. Consult the list of undergraduate and graduate programs to find contact information.


Experiential learning team

Cherine Zananiri
Director, Experiential Learning and Institute for Co-operative Education

Alice Isac
Manager, Experiential Learning
848-2424 ext. 5678

Lorraine Donald
Coordinator, Experiential Learning

Samantha Larocque
Lead, Experiential Learning


Jessica King
Coordinator, Beat the Odds

Veronica Lefebvre
Coordinator, Beat the Odds

Julia Rafferty
Administrative Coordinator, Experiential Learning

Maude Lecourt
Senior Lead, Cities and Partnerships

To learn more about co-operative education at Concordia, contact the team at the Institute for Co-operative Education

Experiential Learning initiatives

Experiential learning
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