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ASGM L082_14Y2 Maison mère, Réfectoire des dames âgées, Sœur Alice Boisseau, 1940.
ASGM L082_9Y2 Maison mère, Sœur Antonia Larivière sonnant la cloche du règlement, s.d.

"At 4:20, Sister Cécile Castonguay rang the bell for the last time. The bell that signaled us to wake up first thing in the morning and to prayers throughout the day, along with the holy water basin from the community hall, was given to the Sainte-Anne Basilica in Varennes, where Saint Marguerite d’Youville was baptized on October 16, 1701."

Entry in the Chronicle of the Grey Nuns, June 2, 2009

ASGM L082_14Y9 Maison mère, Réfectoire, avant 1946.
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