Key info for students

It's easy to access the COLE (Concordia OnLine Exams) platform. Simply navigate to and use your Moodle credentials to log in.

COLE includes features designed for your success, like autosave every 15 seconds and the ability to mark questions for review before you submit them. 

Your course syllabus specifies if your online exam is proctored.

What is proctoring?

Proctoring is a method of ensuring the person taking the exam is who they claim to be, as well as preventing them from cheating during the exam or downloading questions for the benefit of future students.

Currently, Concordia uses two modes of proctoring for online exams:

  • Auto proctoring through software, with no human intervention during the exam
  • Live online proctoring with human invigilators overseeing exam takers through a video platform like Zoom

Practice exams

Make sure you complete a practice exam before your exam day, to get familiar with the interface and identify any system incompatibility issues you might have beforehand. Practise exams are available on If you can’t access a practice exam, please email

Frequently asked questions

Technology specifications

Security and privacy

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Key info for faculty

Please log into Carrefour to read more information, including details about designing and planning your online course, how to plan and prepare your assessments using the online platform COLE, how to protect your intellectual property, online proctoring, deadlines to submit exams, and more.

If you are a faculty member with more questions, please email

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