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Sandeep Bhagwati


Department: Music

Faculty: Fine Arts


Interdisciplinary Arts, Intercultural Performing Arts, Globalisation and Culture, Contemporary Music Composition, Indian Art Music, Intercultural Music, Cultural Life in Germany, Discourse on Research-Creation, Media Arts, Contemporary German Theatre, Opera, Experimental Music Theatre, notation intermedia work social historical anthropological contexts

Language(s) spoken:

English, French (able to conduct interviews in French), German

Professor Sandeep Bhagwati is a multiple award-winning composer, theatre director and media artist. His compositions and comprovisations in all genres (including six operas) have been performed by leading performers at leading venues and festivals worldwide. He has directed international music festivals and intercultural exchange projects with Indian and Chinese musicians and leading new music ensembles. He was Professor of Composition at Karlsruhe Music University and Composer-in-Residence at the IRCAM Paris, ZKM Karlsruhe, Beethoven Orchestra Bonn, IEM Graz, CalArts Los Angeles, Heidelberg University and Tchaikovsky Conservatory Moscow.

As Canada Research Chair for Inter-X Arts at Concordia University from 2006-2016, Professor Bhagwati founded and currently directs matralab, a research/creation center for intercultural and interdisciplinary arts. His current work centers on comprovisation, inter-traditional aesthetics, the aesthetics of interdisciplinarity, gestural theatre, sonic theatre and interactive visual and non-visual scores, interdisciplinary 'comprovisation,' live-dramaturgy, and experimental performance topologies.

He has founded and is the musical director of three ensembles of trans-traditional experimental music in Montréal ("Ecstasies of Influence"), Berlin ("Extrakte") and Pune ("Sangeet Prayog"). He has worked with many of the leading musicians of our time, including Wu Wei, Catherine Milliken, Shubha Mudgal, Simon Rattle, Dhruba Ghosh, Dave Taylor, Uday Bhawalkar, Gebrüder Teichmann, Kiya Tabassian, Mark Applebaum, Aiyun Huang, Nicholas Isherwood, David Rosenboom, Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, China Found Music Workshop, Ensemble Modern, Lori Freedman, Klangforum Wien, Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Beethoven Orchestra Bonn, Jieun Kang, Jocelyn Clarke, Marie Annick Beliveau, Lorraine Vaillancourt, Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, Peter Ruzicka, Lau Bonitz, Moritz Ernst, Arraymusic, Bozzini Quartet, Sonar Quartett, Berner Streichquartett, etc. and with many artists in fields other than music.

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