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Lorrie Blair

Professor / Graduate Programs Director

Department: Art Education

Faculty: Fine Arts

Lorrie Blair
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 4642


Art Criticism, Multicultural Art Education, Art Therapy, Folk Art, Popular Culture, Tatoos, Graffiti, irish paul kane tats tatoo grafitti

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Art Education

How did you get into art education?

"When I started my studies, I didn't know any working artists.  I'm from a place where women were either nurses or worked in banks or were teachers...I didn't have any artistic role models. So when I was a couple of semesters into my Fine Arts major, I switched to Art Education and discovered that I had a real passion for teaching. Being able to teach something that I was also passionate about - art - allowed me to bring all my interests together..."

"The interesting thing is that, at the time, that decision made my friends angry; they said I was taking the easy way I had really committed a crime. But this was years ago, and I'm still in the arts.  I still make art, while some of them don't make art anymore at all..."

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