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About the AGRE

Launching an annual tradition

The first ever Graduate Research Exposition was held in November 2009 in the atrium of the John Molson School of Business. This enlightening event was co-ordinated by Ulrike de Brentani, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Marketing and former Director of John Molson’s MSc and PhD programs, and Linda Dyer, Chair of the Department of Management.

In her closing speech, de Brentani stated that the event provided students with a unique opportunity to communicate their ideas and research findings, along with their real-world implications, while receiving invaluable feedback from the judges and attendees.

Since then, the exposition has become an annual fixture. Caroline Roux and Joel Bothello, Associate Professors in the Department of Marketing and the Department of Management, respectively, currently round out the Exposition Co-ordination team.


Event purpose and format

Students in John Molson's research-based graduate programs (at both the Master’s and Doctoral levels) are invited to participate in the Annual Graduate Research Exposition (AGRE) to present their research to the academic and business communities. AGRE organizers train participants on how to showcase the type and scope of their research, which helps students sharpen their communication skills, obtain feedback, achieve recognition, develop their network and, ultimately, enhance their chances of success in academia and/or industry.

The exposition uses a “poster” format, whereby students design their own posters about their research in an attempt to convey the theories and findings to the broadest possible audience. Independent judges from the academic and business communities determine the cash prize winners for “Best Posters” among Master’s and Doctoral students, respectively.

Screenshot of the 2021 Annual Graduate Research Exposition on the online Gather platform 2021 Annual Graduate Research Exposition on the online Gather platform

Adapting to change

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 and 2022 editions of the AGRE temporarily moved to a unique online format. Hosted on Gather, a fully customizable online video chat platform, students, faculty and business community members were able to interact virtually in a similar way to the in person events.

The 14th Annual Graduate Research Exposition

March 23rd, 2023 at Concordia University's 4th Space

Next AGRE: March 21, 2024

Apply now to present your research findings and network with academics, members of the local business community, as well as the wider John Molson and Concordia community.  

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