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Supporting modules

The program’s curriculum is enhanced through three supporting modules. Class champions, coaching and mentors support your progress throughout.

LEAD Executive Coaching

The unique Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEAD) Coaching program supports EMBA students in developing their leadership potential. LEAD is based on a series of individual sessions with highly trained professional coaches. It begins with psychometric assessments and multi-source feedback processes and one-on-one reviews of students’ assessments. The coaching program then focusses on key growth areas for professional success. Coaches employ results-oriented change strategies to ensure that sustainable change is achieved.

LEAD Coaching is founded on a multidimensional and holistic leadership model, wherein all facets of participants' lives are taken into consideration. Coaches hold participants fully accountable for goals they set in LEAD Coaching sessions. On-going monitoring of outcomes throughout the coaching process ensures that targets are met and significant goals achieved.

Healthy Executive

The foundation of the Healthy Executive module is to enable students to sustain high-performance at work while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The module is delivered by a team of specialists from Concordia’s PERFORM Centre which includes experienced certified exercise physiologists, registered dietitians and Concordia’s Health Services health promotion experts. 

The module focuses on behaviours related to physical activity, nutrition and other health-related activities such as regular medical checkups, flu vaccination and stress management techniques.

The Healthy Executive uses a “slow and steady” approach and unfolds systematically over the 18 months of the EMBA program, making it more likely that students reflect on and implement healthy living strategies into their lives in the long term. 

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