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World-class faculty

Our faculty members are carefully selected based on their in-depth subject knowledge, proven teaching and facilitation skills and hands-on familiarity with the “real life” business world. They are able to draw on both their strong academic backgrounds and their extensive business experience to give our students the well-rounded understanding of business that will be required of tomorrow’s executives.

EMBA Faculty 2021-2022

Emilio Boulianne, MBA, PhD, FCPA, FCGA

Department: Accountancy

Course taught: Management Control Systems

Eric Brat, MBA, CFA


Course taught: Starting a New Venture

Melanie Briand, M.S.c., PPCC

Department: Management

Course taught: Managing Talent

Ehsan Derayati, PhD

Department: Management

Course taught: Crafting and Implementing a Winning Strategy

Mehdi Farashahi, PhD

Department: Management

Course taught: Managing in a Global Environment

Guy Barbeau

Department: Management

Course taught: Live JMSB Experience

Jorgen Hansen

Department: Economics

Course taught: Business, Government and Economy

Annamaria Testani

Course taught: Leadership

Jooseop Lim, PhD

Department: Marketing

Course taught: Marketing Management

Michel Magnan, PhD, FRSC, FCPA Auditor, FCA, ASC, C.Dir.

Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair in Corporate Governance
Director, Desjardins Center for Innovation in Business Finance

Department: Accountancy

Course taught: Measuring and Reporting Financial Performance

Edward Pardiak


Courses taught: Creativity and Innovation; Starting a New Venture

Adel Raphaël, MBA

Department: Management

Course taught: Applied Field Project

Michel Deslauriers

Department: Finance

Course taught: Capital Markets and Financial Management

Janis Riven

Department: Management

Courses taught: Global Experience (trip); Corporate Governance


Navneet Vidyarthi, PhD

Department: Supply Chain and Business Technology Management

Course taught: Value Creation Through Business Processes

Warren White, MBA

Formerly Senior Vice President of Global Business Engineering at CGI

Course taught: Information Technology & Digital Strategy

"My goal is to provide our EMBA candidates with a framework of the critical underpinnings of financial reporting. Gaining such an understanding will allow them to evolve into full-fledge executives within their organization since they will be able to ask the appropriate questions regarding financial performance, participate fully in corporate decisions regarding resource allocations and benchmark their performance with those of competitors."


Michel Magnan, PhD
Professor and Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair in Corporate Governance

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