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Our alumni

Hart Print


This company was created by members of the Class of 2018 by asking themselves why not have a new way of having printing on cans. This business is located is St. Laurent and is leading in the industry.



 In 2008, 3 members of cohort, who had just met each other decided to work together on creating a new company . This is where  WaterAx was born. These individuals ccame from engineering, entrepreneurship and business. Today, in 2023, they are helping to fight forest fires iin remote areas right here in Canada and worldwide. After 15 years, they are still experiencing this life changing experience and impacting the world in a very positive way.




Packaging of items for shipment near and far is demanding.  In 2000, this alumnus decided to create a new approach to the packaging and shipping industry. This idea born out of his garage and fine-tuned in the EMBA class has revolutionized pagacking. Today, he has plants in Canada and Mexico and ships all over with love. 



This company was born during the pandemic, where supply chain issues were magnified.  Members in the Class of 2021 created Truxweb and is now a recognized Canadian company in the area of supply chain. Their raison d'etre " We help logistics teams reduce efforts related to coordinating truck freight by up to 80%"




This company that was born out the pandemic was made for young kids and their parents. This playful modular furniture was exactly what was needed during the pandemic. Members in the Class of 2021 found a way to offer parents piece of mind.



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